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Life of London

Life of London

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Thank u for visiting my page!!! My name is London, I am 3 months old and was diagnosed with leukemia. My mom kept bringing me to the dr because I was fussy and really gassy, the Dr’s kept sending us home saying there’s nothing they can do for “gas” I would only eat about 2 to 3 ounces of formula and I should have been eating 6 ounces. On July 4th my belly was really big and I didn’t want to eat so we went to ER and I was rushed to children’s in Minneapolis mn, I was diagnosed with leukemia. My white blood cell count was in the millions! !! Thankfully with God and the medical staff I had a blood transfusion and 2 days later my number has gone down to 69,000!! I have been through so much but also have proven miracles each step of the way. Please pray for me on my journey to recovery! !!

I haven’t worked since July 4th due to the situation. If you would like to donate please follow link below.
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And if you can’t donate prayers are even better! !!