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Review: LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training, March 22, 2013 with Marketing Expert George Kosch

REVIEW: March 22, 2013 LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with marketing expert, George Kosch.

Welcome to new Silver and Platinum VIP Members who have recently joined Worldprofit.

Discussion topics:

Discussion Topic: “I want to promote my own Affiliate programs, how does Worldprofit’s training and resources help me do that?”

The tools, resources, traffic and software Worldprofit provides can be used to promote any and all your Affiliate programs, not just Worldprofit services. The entire base of our company’s training is based on helping our Members build MULTIPLE STREAMS of INCOME. Your member area has not only promotional aids for Worldprofit services, but also for other reputable affiliate programs and vendors. The answer to how to make money online is revenue from a number of different programs and that is exactly what Worldprofit’s training and software teaches you – how to earn from a number of trusted sources, and build your email marketing list. Worldprofit teaches you what to look for in selecting online income programs, and how to market and promote online for best results.

Discussion Topic: “The MLM mentality is DEAD.”

Many people are familiar with MLM, or network marketing have a dated mentality about how to make money online. The MM mentality is one that says you can only be in one program, that there is only ONE greatest program every and you must disregard all other income sources. MLMers talk about spillover, warm marketing, and focus often on confidentially for your own personal gain in building your downline. The world of online business is VERY different. The new world of online marketers at Worldprofit is social, encourages a group effort, community mindedness. Success is based on co-operation, hard work, NO HYPE, and the approach is an all web-based marketing platform. George offered the example shown in the movie, The Beautiful Mind, where John Nash’s theory of Equilibrium (Game Theory) was featured within the context of the story. Stated quite simply for the purpose of this discussion, take from that, the fact that in business, the prediction of success is greater when people work together. That is what we emphasize at Worldprofit with our business model, people working together, helping each other in an online community environment. This is all possible as a result of our unique Monitor Network.

Discussion Topic: Leads

Leads are your life blood when it comes to making money online. Generating leads is critical and so too is list building. At Worldprofit we teach you how to generate leads to build your online business, while building your email marketing list. We’ve simplified things for you by teaching you how to promote, we provide products and services for you to promote, then WE do the selling for you with our Monitor Network. Monitors staff our Live Business Center 24 hours a day to greet your leads (Associates) and present offers to encourage sales/upgrades. This is a 100% LIVE program that does not exist anywhere else online in the form that Worldprofit offers.

Discussion Topic: Worldprofit offers you a legitimate online business, NOT a biz op.

Be responsible for your online business and treat it seriously, act professionally, be organized and have a positive realistic attitude. Don’t treat your Worldprofit business like a hobby, or a biz op. Dig into the training, commit to learning then apply consistently what you learn. People who don’t take a business seriously rarely make any money as they don’t commit, they aren’t vested in their own success. Dabblers, don’t make money. Respect yourself and others if this is what you want to do. An online business is not for everyone, it takes time, effort and commitment for the long term.

Discussion Topic: THE Offer!

Offers are what motivate the human animal. You, me, we all respond to offers. Worldprofit has an amazing offer because we have so many sites, and resources that we can dish up as incentives to attract new Members. Monitors know the value of these offers, but do you? In your Member area are tons of things that YOU can use to create your OWN offers. Consider becoming a Monitor so you can learn about offers, sales and online marketing while building your own online business and helping others at the same time.

George Kosch’s Home Work Assignment:

If you have been with Worldprofit for at least 3 months (don’t do this if you are brand new), look in your Member area and see what you have at your finger tips to create your own personalize offers for your own leads. HINT: If you own a Worldprofit Safelist Exchange you’ve ALREADY got a powerful way to make offers now.

What’s New!

The new Lazy Blogger System is now LIVE and available for all Silver and Platinum VIP Members. George presented an online demonstration of how to use this new system to easily blog, and add content to your Silver or Platinum VIP site for the purpose of SEO indexing and lead generation. Don’t worry this new system is integrated into your membership, there is no extra cost.

SEO Optimizer Pro. George provided an online demonstration and invited all members to sign up for a free 7 day trial of this new service. The service allows you to EASILY and QUICKLY promote your website to over 700,000 Search Engines, Directories, Link Pages, Online Malls, and Classified Sites. It’s 100% automated and has one purpose – to generate traffic for your site. Using the service helps potential customers find your site and what you offer. Manual submission to a large number of sites is very time consuming. By using SEO OPTIMIZER PRO this task is automated and takes you minutes to complete. There is NO software to download, and the easy to use WIZARD will help you get your site(s) submitted easily in minutes.

What’s coming! – still in development – – still in development – brief overview of how Members will benefit from this new service.

Resources referenced in today’s Home Business Bootcamp Training

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Cool Tools section (TOP Menu)
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Offer Builder

IMPORTANT NOTE for NEW Worldprofit Members:

If you are brand new to Worldprofit and feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of information you have been provided, or the various terms being use, we urge you watch the BASIC TRAINING VIDEO. The basic training video covers terms you should know, the basics of our program and what you need to focus on to get on track to making money online with the Worldprofit system. Find this video in your Member area, on the TOP MENU select TRAINING then click on the link for the video that is marked as the MUST WATCH BEGINNER’S VIDEO. If you have any questions submit a Support form so we can also help you that way.

Thank you to each of you for participating in today’s LIVE interactive Home business bootcamp training. Attending the training, then actually DOING what is taught is the key to your success in building your online business and earning income.

We had lots of questions today and we encourage this. The LIVE training is the perfect opportunity to tap into George Kosch’s expertise and get direct instant answers with on-screen demonstration as relevant.

The RECORDING of today’s training is now posted in your Member area, on the TOP MENU, select TRAINING.

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Republished with author’s permission by Daniel Fischer

Why you will NEVER be rich. Why you will never live la dolce vita. And what you won’t do about it.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author’s program note. This is an article about something you’ve craved, desired, wished for… but now, aging and chagrined, know you will never have… never be any closer to than when you were sixteen or the last time you seriously consulted “Esquire” for a fashion make over.

And that is financial independence.

You don’t have to believe me, probably won’t. So (smelling salts at the ready) take a look at your assets. Pathetic, isn’t it? And the sad fact is… you won’t do anything about it. Probably can’t.

But before we develop this maudlin theme further, you’d better imbibe some of Nino Rota’s masterful score from Fellini’s perpetually edgy masterpiece “La Dolce Vita” (1960). You’ll find it in any search engine. It is about the craziness of love, money and desire played out in Rome, where the unending search for the sweet life will devour you as it has devoured generations before you, including a whole College of Cardinals, and expectant generations still to come.

Now let us begin, for you have wasted far too much time, and have so little left.


The first reason la dolce vita will elude you is that you’ve waited too long to use the present to shape the future. Now hear this: to become rich by your own insistent hands and devices, you must start from the first minute you glimpse the awful and shocking truth that you are not going to be young and beautiful for ever. What? Moi?

Yes, I’m afraid so. One of these days some current play fellow of yours, who just a moment ago complimented your bodacious curves and knock-’em-out bootie, will be considering the unfairness of fate whilst scrutinizing your flesh-specked skull, for all the world like Hamlet and hapless Yorick.

Dire, but who cares?

Very well, you muffed your biggest advantage — time. Sadly, the more you wasted; the less organized and efficient you were, the fewer options you have. There are two things you can do about this: 1) radically alter your lifestyle or 2) do nothing. You’ll say, of course, that you’ll make adjustments, but we both know, don’t we, how lazy and incorrigible you have been in the past… and intend to be in the future. In other words, you’ll continue to talk the good, the plausible, the smooth game… but you won’t lift your pampered pinkie to achieve the objective.

What objective?

The plain truth is you have never had a specific, written financial objective; the older you get, the more glaring its omission. For example: have you checked to see just how long a person of your age, gender, and health can expect to live? In other words do you know what you’re working with? It figures. You want the dolce vita, but you haven’t got a clue about how much “vita” is left. So, for openers let’s play “This is the rest of your life.” For most of you even Ralph Edwards, a man with helium in his leather pumps, couldn’t squeeze much optimism from the too sad facts.

Napoleon, no objective, St Helena.

The most celebrated man in history who lived without objectives was the great Napoleon himself. It’s what brought him down from the highest of pinnacles and human achievement to life on a poky little sheep ranch called St. Helena. You see, before each campaign he’d steal the soldiers he’d need and the money. Then, without forethought, he’d set down the road… without goal, without objective. He was, you see, the ultimate wing-er. Goals, he reckoned, could take care of themselves…

Europe offered him this province and that if he would say just what he wanted and, in time honored fashion, stop with the current larceny; in other words once he was bought, stay bought. However,if things were going well, he declined to parlay; it they weren’t going well, he declined to parlay until at last the aristocrats understood they must work together, did so, and snuffed the man who, if he had a reasonable goal, would have ruled the roost and been the greatest sovereign since the Caesars. It is unrecorded if his imperial majesty liked mutton. I doubt it.

Now, assets.

A detailed look at what you loosely term your “assets” now is necessary. Gather what you jocosely call your “financial records,” you know, that laughable pile of gum wrappers, lottery tickets, naughty Internet sites, and legal mumbo-jumbo about a stock you once owned. You’ll need pencil, paper and true grit for this crucial exercise.

Now, sit down and start…. And, pray, don’t snivel, whine or sob!!!; much less “special plead” and “explain” as we review the little you wish to transform into the enough, the more than enough, and that fast receding life you once though would arrive without much effort or work of any kind. Oh, how the ill-informed and grossly self-deceived have fallen.

What assets?

Get a grip on yourself. You are about to do the hardest of tasks; telling the truth about you, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It will cause you pain; it will make you squirm; it will make you perspire and cause your life with every wrong decision and miscalculation to flash before your horrified eyes.

Why have I put that gun on the table? Because I know given the chance you’d be out of here like a jack rabbit. So, shall we begin?

The overwhelming number of folks have just about $30,000 in assets upon retirement. That’s probably within shouting distance of where you are now, assuming you wish to retire in, say, five years. I hope you’re smiling, sugar, because you’re going to have to place a brave face upon this dismal reality. And while you’re at it, try learning the lyrics to Charlie Chaplin’s moving song, “Smile though your heart is breaking….” Just remember this, when he wrote it he was probably the best known entertainer in the world and amongst the richest men on Earth. It’s easy to weep into your beer and warble movingly under those conditions.

Under water.

So…. grimly…you list your primary asset, your house. The Great Recession of ’08 wiped out such assets for most people for the better part of a generation. If you’re looking here for salvation, look again. It’s not coming any time soon and certainly not to fund a lifestyle less dolce every day. And as for any other “assets”, you know and I know their collective value is negligible. And as for that grotesque Chinese vase your auntie bought 50 years ago in San Francisco, you’ll be waiting a long, long time before “Antiques Road Show” tells you it’s fake, Ming indeed! Nice try.

Two choices.

So, what are you going to do? You could get realistic and stop wishing for something that’s not going to happen. Take your $30,000 (or so) and give yourself a week in Paris Greta Garbo would envy. Splurge. When it’s over, it’s over. Enjoy what you’ve had; don’t pine for more. You’ve had a nice taste of what you wanted. Be grateful. This is not the American way, of course; no matter how much you get, you want more… and moan to high heaven when you don’t have it, can’t afford it, and can’t get it.

The solution? It’s right in front of you. It’s called the Internet, and it’s a gold mine… if you work with the right people and follow simple directions. I know what I’m talking about. Nearly twenty years ago, when the ‘net was new and primitive. I made a calculated decision that it would be the most important, the transformational technology of my life. Without hesitation I affiliated way back then with a genius named George Kosch who explained to me, already a successful businessman in publishing and direct mail, why the ‘net was the big play. As a result I made millions of dollars.

Now hear this: you can, too. Everything you need is just one click away, easy to understand, easy to start. What’s more you’ll never work alone, will always have assistance and instruction and need to know absolutely nothing about technology. Now see for yourself. Go to and immerse yourself in your successful future.

But we both know, don’t we, what you’ll do… thereby killing your last chance (short of a winning lottery ticket or the timely demise of an unknown relative) of much “vita” at all, much less any that’s dolce. Caio, bella. We’ll miss you on the Via Veneto. And remember, to be rich, is to be beautiful… forever.

About the Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Services include home business training, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting, hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 online Home Business Training program by getting a free Associate Membership today. Republished with author’s permission by Daniel Fischer Check out Info Cash ->

‘And the Cabots talk only to God.’ My dismaying encounter with Henry Cabot Lodge, Ambassador to everywhere. Luncheon, Harvard, 1974.

Author’s program note. This is the story of how a lifetime’s respect and admiration was destroyed in minutes by a man of power and influence who was thoroughly obtuse when it came to the crucial business of human existence, the business Dale Carnegie called “how to win friends and influence people” (1936).

Here is where this most patrician of Americans, who made the supposedly majestic Kennedys look like crofters, the man who most resembled Shakespeare’s most disdainful aristocrat, Coriolanus, stumbled and fell, polished off by his own condescension and arrogance… and the coup de grace of just one withering phrase, that outside the Somerset Club (and perhaps even there) he never met a man he ever liked.

I suspect Ambassador Lodge (as we must with both accuracy and respect call him) did not know incorrigible wag (and my near Cambridge neighbor) Tom Lehrer, whose day job was mathematics professor at MIT; happily crooning the evenings away composing peppy music and lyrics guaranteed to affront anyone with manifold pomposities. Young people loved him for he expressed, and cleverly too, their own exasperation with all the tyrants who held them in restless thrall, especially respectable parents and gym teachers.

Lehrer wrote about the important things of life, like poisoning those obnoxious pigeons in the park… and learning the Vatican Rag (1965). Since Lodge was Richard Nixon’s special envoy to the Holy See (1970-1977), when I held a lunch party for him at Harvard in 1974, it seemed to me most appropriate to link His Excellency to Lehrer’s immortal lyrics. After all, now Lodge is buried in Cambridge’s Mount Auburn Cemetery, a comfortable walk to Lehrer’s residence, a place of irreverence and pratfalls, where one could sing with gusto (and impunity) daring words like these:

“So get down on your knees/ Fiddle with your rosaries Bow your head with great respect/ And genuflect, genuflect, genuflect!

Most assuredly, His Excellency and his ilk would not have approved. And so we pampered poindexters, distressingly bright, oozing adolescent hubris and reeking of Clearasil embraced it and all Lehrer’s offensive repertoire with profound avidity and glee.

A true knight.

You need to know something about Massachusetts, thought to be the most liberal state in the Union, one ecstatic and grateful to be graced by a multitude of fecund Kennedys. That family perpetrated the greatest hoax in the history of the Great Republic, namely that they were the princes of Camelot.

Nothing could be more false, a fact which has irritated the Great Families of the Commonwealth, wafted here on the God-directed Mayflower, since the first Kennedy made his unwelcome and bumptious appearance. Such families would like it known (but will not of course say so themselves) that Camelot is theirs and that should any Kennedys be allowed in it would only be by the tradesman’s entrance.

Behind their delicate fans, white gloves and gold lorgnettes they’ll confide (but only sotto voce) that Jack Kennedy’s father was a bootlegger and Nazi sympathizer, with a porcine appetite for floozies of every kind and a papal title grandiloquent enough to cover a legion of sins. The matriarchs are right as rain.

Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy was by no stretch of the imagination a “gentleman”; resembling nothing so much as an unsavory and robust smell often emanating at even the most genteel events. One wrinkled one’s nose, fluttered a handkerchief drenched in lavender, saying nothing.

Whilst the air clears, the subject of Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. (1902-1985) emerges. And there is, not to put too fine a point on the matter, consternation, which clearly discomfits each and every lady who would rather tell you this doggerel, admittedly not quite up to dear Lord Tennyson’s high lyric standard:

“And this is good old Boston/The home of the bean and the cod/ Where the Lowells talk only to Cabots/ And the Cabots talk only to God.”

The aristocrats’ paladin.

Every now and again the reigning dynasty produces a man who has every virtue all aristocrats pride — the fine chiseled looks it takes16 quarterings to produce; a noble carriage, sufficient intellect (but not too much intellectuals being so erratic)… with the ability to secure his class and all who inhabit it for generations yet to come. The young Henry VIII was such a paragon… as was young Louis XIV… and, in his time, Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., man of auspicious augury.

As such young Lodge became the eighth of his family to grace the Senate (1936)… becoming in 1944 the only member of either party to resign to fight the good fight. It was good politics; supreme patriotism. Needless to say every knowledgeable source in Bean Town expected a historic victory in 1952 for their bona fide hero. He was, after all, a dream candidate. There was only the small matter of puny John Fitzgerald Kennedy, to deal with. It was Hyperion to the Satyr.

It is at such moments, even if one would like to believe otherwise, that portentous words like “fate” and “kismet” arise to confound. It went like this:

The White House starved Republicans wanted victory, and would sell their soul to get it. The most popular man in the nation — Dwight David Eisenhower — was the bait, advanced by Satan or not no GOP solon cared. And so Lodge dogged “Ike” until he caved in and somehow convinced himself he was of the GOP persuasion and ready to run.

Senator Lodge then became his duenna, forgetting in the process his own crucial re-election. Lodge, in true Brahmin fashion, thought all the “good people” would give him victory (on a sterling silver plate by Paul Storr) without the tiresome necessity of asking for it. It was not the last time he made this little miscalculation which is why, many years later, I was lunching with a useful diplomat, and not a venerated president.

However, you see, Jack Kennedy walloped the ancient Republican establishment, people who had been figures of probity and veritas long before all the Bay State worthies had even emerged. And so, by loyalty to President Eisenhower (who needed no assistance with the voters who loved and admired him), Lodge let the Kennedy genie out of the bottle, thereby helping the man he should have crushed into the Oval Office. It was a gigantic favor Kennedy somehow neglected to repay.

Eisenhower gave Lodge the Embassy to the United Nations; that was rich given the fact Lodge’s grandfather and namesake almost single handedly destroyed its precursor, The League of Nations. Lodge amused America by constant jeremiads to the world about the Red Menace and its shenanigans. As for the Communists, they probably never listened. Lodge bored them; and the Reds wanted the red meat Lodge, all Harvard and gentle manners was incapable of delivering.

The incantatory name.

One thing he was capable of giving was a name of historic panache and resonant integrity. Every president from Eisenhower on picked Lodge for diplomatic posts at the highest level; it was his historic name which always closed the deal; unsuccessful nominee for vice president on the 1960 Nixon ticket; Ambassador to the Republic of Vietnam 1963-1964; again appointed Ambassador to Vietnam 1967-1968; Ambassador to Germany 1968-1969; appointed by President Nixon to serve as head of the American delegation to the Vietnam peace negotiations in Paris, serving until December 1969. Then in 1970 he went to Rome for a last tour amongst the soft footed princes of the church. It was during this time we met.

Acrid smoke, wicked witch, the look that freezes.

It was a grim February day, but I was ecstatic. For on this red-letter day I was hosting at Dudley House two bona fide celebrities, Margaret Hamilton, the Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz”, and Lodge. Miss Hamilton was peaches and cream, kisses and hugs. And then there was Lodge…

It didn’t help, of course, that the fire place began to smoke just minutes before he arrived, filling the lunch room with black, acrid smoke. As Margaret Hamilton and entourage were leaving, Lodge arrived, tall, literally looking down his aquiline nose. He looked every inch the aristocrat he was. Just for a moment ambassador and lady coincided in the door way. MasterJean Mayer, a notorious snob, came to greet Lodge’s arrival (though he had not done as much for the frilly Miss Hamilton).

Attempting to introduce his guests, he forgot her name and so improvised, “Mr. Ambassador, this is… the Wicked Witch of the West!” Lodge offered her a cold finger or two in greeting, but said nothing. Witches, don’t you know, were not in the Social Register. I invited Miss Hamilton to lunch with Lodge. She saw the lay of the land, and sensibly declined. It was an omen.

The lunch area was, by now, packed with undergrads, grad students, teaching fellows, and senior faculty. They all wanted to meet the man who was, while in Saigon, the Great Republic’s most powerful diplomat and emblem of the war every single person in that room not only opposed but bitterly. Lodge could have defused some of the tensions but he was unremittingly opaque, looking like he had just eaten something that disagreed.

To my gratitude and relief, however, the civility which the Academy must maintain held, though tenuously. The volley went like this: questions were asked, the probing questions which are the essence of Harvard; Lodge responded in monosyllables, no attempt to touch the questioner, must less the room beyond. I was angry… but at least the necessary civility did not collapse, as it might so easily have done. Then in my mind’s eye, I saw the headline in “The Boston Globe”: “Riot at Lodge Harvard appearance.” What would my father have said?

Lodge, however, stayed the course, 90 minutes from first to last. Then said, “Get me a taxi to North Station,” the word “boy” being implied. I was I thought beyond caring, but I wasn’t. I had provided him a pukka platform to win friends and influence people. As was so obvious now, that was never a factor in his (mis) calculations.

I walked him the few steps needed to reach Harvard Square. He had never said a personal word to me, his host, since arrival, not even at luncheon when I sat on his right at the head table, per protocol. I wanted to change that and so told him how, in 1960, my 8 year-old brother and I (13) organized the neighborhood kids in Downers Grove, Illinois, for Nixon-Lodge. It was that year’s “must have” state, and we proudly marched through the mud of inclement November with home-made posters to urge their election.

I expected in response what any politician, any genial senior statesman might give: a firm look in my eyes, a firm handshake and a comfortable, perhaps even, heartfelt platitude, “If only there’d been more like you, Jeffrey, and Kevin”; something to treasure for life. Lodge simply said, “Can you get that cab?” I did not exist and a precious moment of my boyhood was tainted, all respect and admiration gone for the man who had nothing but options and wasted them with careless unconcern, while members of my rambunctious generation died a world away, their precious blood wasted not just for naught but calumniated by their citizens who spat upon the living and promptly forgot the dead. By contrast, when at my mother’s urging I wrote Vice President Nixon just after the election, he returned a bumper crop of memorabilia, including a photo signed by all four Nixons which was published as part of a story in the “Chicago Tribune.” Similarly my mother’s hand-written “woman to woman” letter to Nixon’s mother Mrs. Hannah Nixon in Whittier, California received the most gracious response. The day we wrote our letters, sitting together at the kitchen table is one of my happiest memories.

And then, I was choleric with rage and indignation not least at a country which selects people for high offices, the very highest, for their honored surnames and impeccable pedigrees instead of for their ability to touch lives and build bridges, something Ambassador Lodge for all his fine breeding was incapable of doing.

Then I thought of all the thousands of men of my generation, the pulsating, wise cracking heart of the nation, all dead because of the likes of calculating men with magnificent resumes and social entree’ who mandated wars they did not fight and would survive comfortably whatever the outcome.

What they needed was a zealous advocate and friend, a true American hero who never lost sight of the soldier in the statistic. What they got instead was Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.

And it wasn’t remotely good enough.

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Services include home business training, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting, hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 online Home Business Training program by getting a free Associate Membership today. Republished with author’s permission by Daniel Fischer Check out List Building Automation ->