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Papajack posted in OOMF by Tnmom Mon evening


papajack: Guy’s the IMF news today telling the Central Banks to GET R DONE is HUGE!!!!!!!!!

papajack: Forget the politicians look at Europe and the NEWS!!!!!
Lady Sunshine: Papajack – did the IMF send that msg today?

papajack: Lady Sunshine YES Okie said it this morning

papajack: I think this is our week, banks are ticked, IMF said Europe would implode, these things have never happened before this has to be it.

papajack: Nobody knows exactly when and how it will show, give it till Thursday, if it doesn’t happen by then there is something we are not seeing

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Goldenfan Post from 3’s Intel

Good morning PIF, Good morning everyone!

I posted this in the wrong forum, so I had to move it.

I hope you have all found time to sleep at least an hour or two!

Yesterday afternoon, I had a very long and interesting conversation with a group of friends (all of which are Dinar investors).

One of the most intriguing arguments for seeing the RV this week is based simply on when taxes would be due.

Let’s assume for a minute that the Dinar RV’s at $4.00 and that it RV’s on January 2, 2012. The capital gains will be documented on your 2012 tax return in April of 2013.

What if the Dinar RV’s between the week of December 26 (Monday) and December 31st (Saturday)? What percentage of investors will be able to cash out the week between Christmas and New Years? What percentage of people will wait until after January 1, 2012 to cash out in order to move the tax year to 2012?

What if the Dinar RV’s the week before Christmas on December 25th (Sunday). This could happen but if the Government wants to see large amounts of Dinars’ cashed in and therefore increased spending for the Holiday, the odds decrease each day of the week that the RV delays.

In my opinion, this week (December 12-16) is the last ideal week for the Dinar to RV so that the US Government can benefit from the 2011 tax year (where your taxes will be filed by April 15th 2012). In my opinion, if the Dinar RV’s this week (and the value is $3.00 or above) there is a strong chance that well over 50% of all Dinar will be cashed in prior to the end of the 2011 tax year. The higher the Dinar RV’s the higher the percentage of Dinar that will be cashed in. Ask yourself what percentage of your dinar would you cash out if the Dinar RV’s at $7.00?

The second major reason that I believe that it will RV this week is because of the potential benefit of a large amount of funds that would be spent during his holiday season. President O-No needs positive press, Increased retail spending during this holiday season would be great news.

Lastly, I believe that my reasons all by themselves, might not be a sufficient reason for the Dinar to RV. When you couple Malaki’s visit, the amazing exodus of US troops from Iraq (in less than 75 days?), the extensive amount of legislation in Iraq, the bailout of the Euro (where did the US find One TRILLION DOLLARS?) and 140 countries that are waiting to re-value their currency.

This will be the week for the RV.

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ShawnW (BSP) – Post By VNJW PTR Forum

Posted by ShawnW (BSP): Where this RV sits IMO –

Well, I recommended in Chat yesterday that it may be a good idea for some to zoom out on their view of the RV so that they are not so whip lashed with the ups and downs…..

I decided to take my own advice, and I think after talking with a few others that I have a feel pretty good about posting this information… While this is just my opinion, If you can read it with and open mind I think you may agree as it makes a lot of sense to me…. I would love to hear others input and opinions on this….

Well lets look at a few things that I am confident we know…..

The banks are sitting at 00.000 for 130+ currencies….. I believe it is actually 142 currently. This has been ongoing for 2+ weeks and quite honestly amazes me…. but lets think this through, obviously we cannot state that because the banks are at 00.000 this means RV in 24 hours or whatever time frame.

Why are they at 00.0000, I have heard several reasons floating around, to stop trades on those currencies so that the banks can clear their books and not be stuck in the middle of a trade when this does happen…. I have also heard it was due to the adjustments that the IMF was doing. Well both IMO are accurate.

Dan has said in the past that he does not rely on bank intel as they will be the last place we will see the RV and he is correct… But in saying that, it is one reason why I think this piece of the puzzle is so important.

If there was not TRUE INTENT to get this global adjustment done ASAP the banks would have gone back to the old rates and started trading those currencies again…. But knowing that they would have to go through the process of clearing their books again they would not, with out concrete info that this RV was not going to be taking place ASAP…

So whether it is the banks being stubborn and holding onto this rate or we are in the final stages of this happening, either way at this point we are not moving backwards, and until we do on this part, we sit in a very good spot and there is no reason to fret…

Next, similar to this we have heard several reports that this RV money is already being spent in certain areas in Iraq. Contractors being paid and so forth…. I have not seen and credible evidence of a full blown RV in Iraq but as far as contracts being paid this brings me to the point that Iraq is not holding this up…. they are moving forward on this to the extent that they can as they are desperate to start rebuilding their country and tired of waiting on the rest of the world to come to terms so they can finally start….

Now in saying that, there is a story line that must play out in Iraq and I think the news we are seeing and hearing is that story, does it affect the RV? only to the point they want the dots to be connected in public when this happens.

I do not for one second Buy that Iraq needs to be out Ch7 or the HCL needs to be finalized or whatever else people want to bring to the table regarding Iraq…. otherwise we would not be at the point we are regarding the banks and so forth….

This RV is now on the world stage and the hold ups/delays IMO are only that this is done right the first time.. while there are certain countries that feel they have the power to adjust as they feel fit, mostly this rests with the IMF at this point IMO… Even to the point that 9 countries were added back into the basket last week. Was that the final adjustment, only time will tell, but one thing I do know…

At this point we need to watch this play out on the world stage, Do I think we are close ABSOLUTELY, very possibly today…… but I also see no reason to get down on this, or anxious. we are so close and so much of what we are seeing is pointing to the fact of no going back.

I hope everyone has a great night and let’s bring this home….


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Three Chats as posted by Highhopes at PTR Forum

1:01 PM [CAP1] O. K. …….You’ve heard it from the Horses’ mouths. Iraq is a soverign nation. In order to be a soverign nation, Chapter 7 sanctions had to be lifted and youi have to have an international tradable currency.

1:05 PM [ngodstrust] CAP1 Is it your thought that now that we have heard the words from Both of the BIG boys for US and Iraq that we will see the RV within 24hours ?

1:06 PM [CAP1] ngodstrust – I would think so! That is my desire based on analysis of what I’ve just heard.
1:05 PM [Tradewind] CAP1 I wanted them to roll out a big red button

1:07 PM [CAP1] Tradewind -Would have been nice to see it between them, so they could push it together! lol

1:30 PM [blanc] CAP1 can we get paid today?
1:30 PM [CAP1] blanc -Probably not today. But the rest of the week looks very promising!

1:32 PM [CAP1] b-amb – If the RV is announced today, most probably wouldn’t be getting to the banks until tomorrow.

1:32 PM [ayechief] CAP1 I listened to the speech and he did said Iraq is a soverign nation… great to hear for myself today. Something has to happen soon
1:32 PM [CAP1] ayechief -Yep. People don’t have to ask, “Where is it in writing?” We’ve heard it from both leaders today!

Read More Link on Right
1:33 PM [joyful12] CAP1 who do you think will announce the rv i thought it was pretty much done from the speech this morning
1:33 PM [CAP1] joyful12 -It will just show up.

1:33 PM [holistichealth] CAP1 true – today is also 12.12.2011 = 8 = prosperity
1:33 PM [CAP1] holistichealth -Amen! 1:34 PM

1:34 PM [dhw] CAP1 So, you think it will show up when all the banks are closed around 11pm EST?
1:35 PM [CAP1] dhw -From a security standpoint, that would be optimal. They still have to notify the currenct traders at the airports, DB, DT, and the rest 1:36 PM

[holistichealth] cap1 okie bulldog last wk said it would be b4 the 15th – do u still agree (by the 12 days of xmas) – ty
1:37 PM [CAP1] holistichealth -yes

[generals64] The Bank (BOA) told us (Me and three other guys)…..that the Revaluation of any currency one it is put into their system…I takes approximately 3 hours for it to Circulate throughout their company…(not gonna argue with you) and then they receive an email telling them that (whatever currency) is being Revalued or Devalued three hours before it comes live. Our Guy at this Branch…Promised to call the second he gets the email….I jokingly laughed and said “don’t call without an appointment with my name on it.”

[generals64] He said I can’t and won’t accept any appointments until it has shown….So, I apologized and told him I was joking and he said “I’m Not”…but, you’ll have an appointment 15 minutes after the rate shows and your people are welcome to come in and we will take care of business…Now, If you have a question on Rates????I don’t know…If you have other questions (not arguments) go fot it and I’ll try to answer them

1:07 PM Bulldog75: the stepping stones are laid. Bulldog75: we are good to go any hour.

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Johnnywg Phone Campaign Post

By Bdub OOM Forum

I don’t know how to contact Johnny directly so hence the post.


Apps 6 million Americans have invested in the IQD. A phone campaign would accomplish several things.

1. By flooding White House and UST switchboard would attract national attention. ( we don’t want that for obvious reasons )

2. If even 2% more of the American population bought Dinar Then Iraq, IMF, USG would have to make unfavorable adjustments to the awaited value of the IQD

I’m sure we can all think of other reasons too. We have all been patient, impatient, anxious, stressed ect awaiting the fruits of our investment. The IQD will revalue but let’s not compromise the integrity of our investment and keep it under the National radar as much as possible.

We’ve come along way and it would be shame to loose anything we’ve all been waiting so long for.

From: Dinar Recaps

Need Help with an Investment or the Iraqi Dinar or Dong? Must have CODE: 1239DF or call: Phone: 206-501-3868 ext. 302

Iraqi Dinar RV …Use UOIS to get more! (even call the teacher anytime!)
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Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release December 12, 2011


South Court Auditorium
12:24 P.M. EST

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Please have a seat. Good afternoon, everyone.

When I took office, nearly 150,000 American troops were deployed in Iraq, and I pledged to end this war, responsibly. Today, only several thousand troops remain there, and more are coming home every day.

This is a season of homecomings, and military families across America are being reunited for the holidays. In the coming days, the last American soldiers will cross the border out of Iraq, with honor and with their heads held high. After nearly nine years, our war in Iraq ends this month.

Today, I’m proud to welcome Prime Minister Maliki — the elected leader of a sovereign, self-reliant and democratic Iraq. We’re here to mark the end of this war; to honor the sacrifices of all those who made this day possible; and to turn the page — begin a new chapter in the history between our countries — a normal relationship between sovereign nations, an equal partnership based on mutual interests and mutual respect.

Iraq faces great challenges, but today reflects the impressive progress that Iraqis have made. Millions have cast their ballots — some risking or giving their lives — to vote in free elections. The Prime Minister leads Iraq’s most inclusive government yet. Iraqis are working to build institutions that are efficient and independent and transparent.

Economically, Iraqis continue to invest in their infrastructure and development. And I think it’s worth considering some remarkable statistics. In the coming years, it’s estimated that Iraq’s economy will grow even faster than China’s or India’s. With oil production rising, Iraq is on track to once again be one of the region’s leading oil producers.

With respect to security, Iraqi forces have been in the lead for the better part of three years — patrolling the streets, dismantling militias, conducting counterterrorism operations. Today, despite continued attacks by those who seek to derail Iraq’s progress, violence remains at record lows.

And, Mr. Prime Minister, that’s a tribute to your leadership and to the skill and the sacrifices of Iraqi forces.

Across the region, Iraq is forging new ties of trade and commerce with its neighbors, and Iraq is assuming its rightful place among the community of nations. For the first time in two decades, Iraq is scheduled to host the next Arab League Summit, and what a powerful message that will send throughout the Arab world. People throughout the region will see a new Iraq that’s determining its own destiny — a country in which people from different religious sects and ethnicities can resolve their differences peacefully through the democratic process.

Mr. Prime Minister, as we end this war, and as Iraq faces its future, the Iraqi people must know that you will not stand alone. You have a strong and enduring partner in The United States of America.

And so today, the Prime Minister and I are reaffirming our common vision of a long-term partnership between our nations. This is in keeping with our Strategic Framework Agreement, and it will be like the close relationships we have with other sovereign nations. Simply put, we are building a comprehensive partnership.

Mr. Prime Minister, you’ve said that Iraqis seek democracy, “a state of citizens and not sects.” So we’re partnering to strengthen the institutions upon which Iraq’s democracy depends — free elections, a vibrant press, a strong civil society, professional police and law enforcement that uphold the rule of law, an independent judiciary that delivers justice fairly, and transparent institutions that serve all Iraqis.

We’re partnering to expand our trade and commerce. We’ll make it easier for our businesses to export and innovate together. We’ll share our experiences in agriculture and in health care. We’ll work together to develop Iraq’s energy sector even as the Iraqi economy diversifies, and we’ll deepen Iraq’s integration into the global economy.

We’re partnering to expand the ties between our citizens, especially our young people. Through efforts like the Fulbright program, we’re welcoming more Iraqi students and future leaders to America to study and form friendships that will bind our nations together for generations to come. And we’ll forge more collaborations in areas like science and technology.

We’ll partner for our shared security. Mr. Prime Minister, we discussed how the United States could help Iraq train and equip its forces — not by stationing American troops there or with U.S. bases in Iraq — those days are over — but rather, the kind of training and assistance we offer to other countries. Given the challenges we face together in a rapidly changing region, we also agreed to establish a new, formal channel of communication between our national security advisors.

And finally, we’re partnering for regional security. For just as Iraq has pledged not to interfere in other nations, other nations must not interfere in Iraq. Iraq’s sovereignty must be respected. And meanwhile, there should be no doubt, the drawdown in Iraq has allowed us to refocus our resources, achieve progress in Afghanistan, put al Qaeda on the path to defeat, and to better prepare for the full range of challenges that lie ahead.

So make no mistake, our strong presence in the Middle East endures, and the United States will never waver in defense of our allies, our partners, or our interests.

This is the shared vision that Prime Minister Maliki and I reaffirm today — an equal partnership, a broad relationship that advances the security, the prosperity and the aspirations of both our people.

Mr. Prime Minister, you’ve said it yourself — building a strong and “durable relationship between our two countries is vital.” And I could not agree more.

So this is a historic moment. A war is ending. A new day is upon us. And let us never forget those who gave us this chance — the untold number of Iraqis who’ve given their lives; more than one million Americans, military and civilian, who have served in Iraq; nearly 4,500 fallen Americans who gave their last full measure of devotion; tens of thousands of wounded warriors, and so many inspiring military families. They are the reason that we can stand here today. And we owe it to every single one of them — we have a moral obligation to all of them — to build a future worthy of their sacrifice.

Mr. Prime Minister.

PRIME MINISTER AL-MALIKI: (As interpreted, and in progress) — positive atmosphere that prevailed among us, and for the obligations, the common obligations, of ending the war, and the commitment to which the American forces will withdraw from Iraq, which is a withdrawal that affects — that indicates success, and not like others have said that it was negative, but the goals that we established were achieved.

Iraq had a political process established, a democratic process, and adoption of the principles of elections and the transfer — peaceful transfer of authority. Iraq is following a policy, a foreign policy, which does not intervene in the affairs of others and does not allow the others to intervene in its own affairs. Iraq is looking for common grounds with the others, and establishes its interest at the forefront and the interest of the others, which it is concerned about, like from any confusion.

Your Excellency, today we meet in Washington after we have completed the first page of a constructive cooperation in which we also thank you and appreciate you for your commitment to everything that you have committed yourself to. And anyone who observes the nature of the relationship between the two countries will say that the relationship will not end with the departure of the last American soldier. It only started when we signed in 2008, in addition to the withdrawal treaty, the Strategic Framework Agreement for the relationship between our two countries.

And because we have proven success in the first mission, a very unique success — nobody imagined that we would succeed in defeating terrorism and the al Qaeda — we must also establish the necessary steps in order to succeed in our second stage, which is the dual relationship under the Strategic Framework Agreement, in the economic sphere, as well as in educational and commercial and cultural and judicial and security cooperation fields.

Iraq now has become — reliant completely on its own security apparatus and internal security as a result of the expertise that it gained during the confrontations and the training and the equipping. But it remains in need of cooperation with the United States of America in security issues and information and combating terrorism, and in the area of training and the area of equipping, which is needed by the Iraqi army. And we have started that. And we want to complete the process of equipping the Iraqi army in order to protect our sovereignty, and does not violate the rights of anybody — or do not take any missions that sovereignty of others.

Today, the joint mission is to establish the mechanisms and the commitments that will expedite our — we have reached an agreement, and we have held a meeting for the higher joint committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Biden, the Vice President, and myself in Baghdad, and we spoke about all the details that would put the framework agreement into implementation.

And here we talked about it and its activation. And there will be other discussions and other meetings with the higher committee here in Washington in order to put the final touches regarding the necessary mechanisms for cooperation and achieving the common vision that we followed, which was based on our common wills and political independent decision, and the desire to respect the sovereignty of each other.

And we feel that we need political cooperation as well, in addition to cooperating in the security and economic and commercial fields. We need a political cooperation, particularly with regard to the matters that are common and are of concern for us as two parties that want to cooperate.

The common vision that we used as a point of departure we have confirmed today. And I am very happy, every time we meet with the American side, I find determination and a strong will to activate the Strategic Framework Agreement. And I will say, frankly, this is necessary and it serves the interests of Iraq, as it is necessary and serves the interests of the United States of America.

This makes us feel that we will succeed with the same commitment, common commitment that we had in combating terrorism and accomplishing the missions, the basis of which Iraq was independent. Iraq today has a lot of wealth and it needs experience and expertise, and American and foreign expertise to help Iraq exploiting its own wealth in an ideal way. Iraq is still suffering from a shortage of resources, and we have established a strategy to increase the Iraqi wealth. And we hope that the American companies will have the largest role in increasing our wealth in the area of oil and other aspects as well.

Iraq wants to rebuild all these sectors that were harmed because of the war and because of the adventurous policies that were used by the former regime, and we need a wide range of reform in the area of education.

We have succeeded in signing several agreements through the educational initiative, which put hundreds of our college graduates to continue their graduate studies and specialized subject in American universities. And I am putting it before everyone who is watching the relationship between the U.S. and Iraq. It is a very — it has very high aspirations.

And I would like to renew my thanks for His Excellency the President for giving me this opportunity, and I wish him more success, God willing. Thank you very much.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: We have time for a few questions. I’m going to start with Ben Feller of AP.

Q Thank you, Mr. President, and Mr. Prime Minister. Mr. President, I have two questions for you on the region. In Syria, you have called for President Assad to step down over the killing of his people, but Prime Minister Maliki has warned that Assad’s removal could lead to a civil war that could destabilize the whole region. I’m wondering if you’re worried that Iraq could be succumbing to Iran’s influence on this matter and perhaps helping to protect Assad.

And speaking of Iran, are you concerned that it will be able to weaken America’s national security by discovering intelligence from the fallen drone that it captured?

Prime Minister Maliki, I’d like to ask you the question about Syria. Why haven’t you demanded that Assad step down, given the slaughter of his people?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: First of all, the Prime Minister and I discussed Syria, and we share the view that when the Syrian people are being killed or are unable to express themselves, that’s a problem. There’s no disagreement there.

I have expressed my outrage in how the Syrian regime has been operating. I do believe that President Assad missed an opportunity to reform his government, chose the path of repression, and has continued to engage in repressive tactics so that his credibility, his capacity to regain legitimacy inside Syria I think is deeply eroded.

It’s not an easy situation. And I expressed to Prime Minister Maliki my recognition that given Syria is on Iraq’s borders, Iraq is in a tough neighborhood; that we will consult closely with them as we move forward.

But we believe that international pressure, the approach we’ve taken along with partners around the world to impose tough sanctions and to call on Assad to step down, a position that is increasingly mirrored by the Arab League states, is the right position to take.

Even if there are tactical disagreements between Iraq and the United States at this point in how to deal with Syria, I have absolutely no doubt that these decisions are being made based on what Prime Minister Maliki believes is best for Iraq, not based on considerations of what Iran would like to see.

Prime Minister Maliki has been explicit here in the United States, he’s been explicit back in Iraq in his writings, in his commentary, that his interest is maintaining Iraqi sovereignty and preventing meddling by anybody inside of Iraq. And I believe him. And he has shown himself to be willing to make very tough decisions in the interest of Iraqi nationalism even if they cause problems with his neighbor.

And so we may have some different tactical views in terms of how best to transition to an inclusive, representative government inside of Syria, but every decision that I believe Prime Minister Maliki is making he is making on the basis of what he thinks is best for the Iraqi people. And everything that we’ve seen in our interactions with Prime Minister Maliki and his government over the last several years would confirm that.

With respect to the drone inside of Iran, I’m not going to comment on intelligence matters that are classified. As has already been indicated, we have asked for it back. We’ll see how the Iranians respond.

PRIME MINISTER AL-MALIKI: (As interpreted, in progress.) — difficult in Syria, and perhaps in other states as well. But I know that peoples must get their freedom and their will and democracy and equal citizenship. We are with these rights, the rights of people and with their wills because we have achieved that ourselves. And if we could compare Iraq today with the past, we find that there is a great difference in democracy and elections and freedom.

Therefore, we honor the aspirations of the Syrian people. But I cannot have — I do not have the right to ask a president to abdicate. We must play this role, and we cannot give ourselves this right.

Iraq is a country that is bordering on Syria, and I am concerned about the interest of Iraq and the interest of the security of the region. And I wish that what is required by the Syrian people would be achieved without affecting the security of Iraq. And I know the two countries are related to each other, and we must be very prudent in dealing with this matter.

We were with the initiative by the Arab League. But, frankly speaking, because we suffered from the blockade and the military interventions, we do not encourage a blockade because it exhausts the people and the government. But we stood with the Arab League, and we were very frank with ourselves when they visited us in Baghdad, and we agreed on an initiative. Perhaps it will be the last initiative that we’ll see in this situation and will achieve the required change in Syria without any violent operations that could affect the area in general.

I believe that the parties, all the parties realize the dangers of a sectarian war in Iraq, in Syria, and in the region, because it will be like a snowball that it will expand and it will be difficult to control it.

We will try to reach a solution, and I discussed the matter with His Excellency, the President, President Obama, and the Secretary General of the Arab League. And there is agreement even from the Syrian opposition, who are leading the opposition in Syria, to search for a solution. If we can reach a solution, it will avoid all the evils and the dangers. And if we don’t, there must be another way to reach a solution that will calm the situation in Syria and in the area in general.

Q (As interpreted, in progress.) — establish a new relationship — to establish the characteristics of a new relationship with the United States after the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from Iraq? Relying on the Strategic Framework Agreement, have you reached a specific mechanism for the implementation of the framework agreement?

Your Excellency, President Obama, you said that there will be long-range relationships with Iraq. Can you tell us exactly, will Iraq be an ally of the United States or just a friend, or will have a different type of relationship?

Thank you very much.

PRIME MINISTER AL-MALIKI: (As interpreted.) Definitely, without mechanisms, we will not be able to achieve anything we have. These mechanisms will control our continuous movement. Therefore, the framework agreement has a higher committee, or a joint committee from the two countries that meets regularly, and it has representatives from all the sectors that we want to develop relationship in — commerce, industry, agriculture, economy, security.

So the joint higher committee is the mechanism in which the ideas will be reached in relationship between the ministries that will implement what is agreed upon. We believe through these two mechanisms, the mechanism of the joint committee and the mechanism of contact between each minister and his counterpart, we will achieve success, and this will expedite achieving our goal.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: As the Prime Minister described, I think our goal is to have a comprehensive relationship with Iraq. And what that means is, is that on everything from expanding trade and commerce, to scientific exchanges, to providing assistance as Iraq is trying to make sure that electricity and power generation is consistent for its people, to joint exercises militarily — to a whole range of issues, we want to make sure that there is a constant communication between our governments; that there are deep and rich exchanges between our two governments — and between our peoples — because what’s happened over the last several years has linked the United States and Iraq in a way that is potentially powerful and could end up benefiting not only America and Iraq but also the entire region and the entire world.

It will evolve over time. What may be discovered is, is that there are certain issues that Prime Minister Maliki and his government think are especially important right now — for example, making sure that oil production is ramped up, and we are helping to encourage global investment in that sector.

I know that the Prime Minister has certain concerns right now, militarily, that five years from now or 10 years from now, when the Iraqi air force is fully developed or the Iraqi navy is fully developed, he has less concern about.

Our goal is simply to make sure that Iraq succeeds, because we think a successful, democratic Iraq can be a model for the entire region. We think an Iraq that is inclusive and brings together all people — Sunni, Shia, Kurd — together to build a country, to build a nation, can be a model for others that are aspiring to create democracy in the region.

And so we’ve got an enormous investment of blood and treasure in Iraq, and we want to make sure that, even as we bring the last troops out, that it’s well understood both in Iraq and here in the United States that our commitment to Iraq’s success is going to be enduring.

Christi Parsons.

Q Thank you. You were a little delayed coming out today — I was wondering if you could talk about any agreements that you may have reached that you haven’t detailed already. For instance, can you talk a little bit more about who will be left behind after the U.S. leaves, how big their footprint will be, and what their role will be?

And, Mr. President, could you also address how convinced you are that the Maliki government is ready to govern the country and protect the gains that have been made there in recent years? I also wonder if, on this occasion, you still think of this as “a dumb war”?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I’ll take the last question first. I think history will judge the original decision to go into Iraq. But what’s absolutely clear is, as a consequence of the enormous sacrifices that have been made by American soldiers and civilians — American troops and civilians — as well as the courage of the Iraqi people, that what we have now achieved is an Iraq that is self-governing, that is inclusive, and that has enormous potential.

There are still going to be challenges. And I think the Prime Minister is the first one to acknowledge those challenges. Many of them, by the way, are economic. After many years of war and, before that, a brutal regime, it’s going to take time to further develop civil society, further develop the institutions of trade and commerce and the free market, so that the extraordinary capacity of the Iraqi people is fully realized. But I have no doubt that Iraq can succeed.

With respect to security issues, look, when I came into office, I said we’re going to do this in a deliberate fashion. We’re going to make sure that we leave Iraq responsibly, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We did it in phases. And because we did it in phases, we were continually able to build up Iraqi forces to a point where when we left the cities, violence didn’t go up in the cities; when we further reduced our footprint, violence didn’t go up. And I have no doubt that that will continue.

First question you had had to do with what footprint is left. We’re taking all of our troops out of Iraq. We will not have any bases inside of Iraq. We will have a strong diplomatic presence inside of Iraq. We’ve got an embassy there that is going to be carrying out a lot of the functions of this ongoing partnership and executing on the Strategic Framework Agreement.

We will be working to set up effective military-to-military ties that are no different from the ties that we have with countries throughout the region and around the world. The Iraqi government has already purchased F-16s from us. We’ve got to train their pilots and make sure that they’re up and running and that we have an effective Iraqi air force.

We both have interests in making sure that the sea lanes remain open in and around Iraq and throughout the region, and so there may be occasion for joint exercises. We both have interests in counterterrorism operations that might undermine Iraqi sovereignty but also could affect U.S. interests, and we’ll be working together on those issues.

But what we are doing here today, and what we’ll be executing over the next several months, is a normalization of the relationship. We will have a strong friend and partner in Iraq; they will have a strong friend and partner in us, but as one based on Iraqi sovereignty and one based on equal partnerships of mutual interest and mutual respect. And I’m absolutely confident that we’re going to be able to execute that over the long term.

While I’m at it, since this may be the last question I receive, I just want to acknowledge — none of this would have been successful, obviously, without our extraordinary men and women in uniform. And I’m very grateful for the Prime Minister asking to travel to Arlington to recognize those sacrifices.

There are also some individuals here who’ve been doing a bang-up job over the last year to help bring us to this day. And I just want to acknowledge General Lloyd Austin, who was a warrior and, turns out, is also a pretty good diplomat — as well as Ambassador Jim Jeffreys [sic]. Both of them have done extraordinary work on the ground, partnering with their Iraqi counterparts.

And I’m going to give a special shout-out to my friend and partner, Joe Biden, who I think ever since I came in has helped to establish high-level, strong links and dialogue between the United States and Iraq, through some difficult times. And I think Prime Minister Maliki would agree that the Vice President’s investment in making this successful has been hugely important.

PRIME MINISTER AL-MALIKI: Thank you very much. I believe the remaining of the question that was given was answered by His Excellency the President. And I also — I said at the beginning, the dialogues that were to confirm the confidence and to move into the implementation of the framework agreement, and to find the companies and to train our soldiers on the weapons that were bought from America, and the need for expertise in other civil fields, and the protection of their movement in Iraq.

We talked also about the political issues, which is a common interest for us. And we spoke also about the question of armament. As the President said, Iraq has bought some weapons and now is applying for buying other weapons to develop its capabilities in the protection of Iraq.

These are all titles of what we discussed, but it was done in an atmosphere of harmony.

Q (As interpreted.) Mr. Prime Minister, you stated that there is cooperation in the area of armament. Can you tell us the amount of military cooperation between the United States and Baghdad in this area? Specifically, have you received any promises from President Obama in this regard, specifically — of the U.S. embassy in Baghdad? There is argument going on inside Iraqi politician now regarding the size — it’s 15,000. And I wonder if you discussed with Prime Minister to reduce the number of the diplomats. Thank you.

PRIME MINISTER AL-MALIKI: Definitely, we have raised the issue of Iraqi need for weapons, for aerial protection and naval and ground protection. We have a lot of weapons, American weapons, and it requires trainers. And we received promises for cooperation from His Excellency the President for some weapons that Iraq is asking for, especially those related to its protection of its airspace. And we hope that the Congress will approve another group of F-16 airplanes to Iraq because our air force was destroyed completely during the war that Iraq entered into.

And this is not all. We also need technical equipment related to the security field. These are issues that are being discussed by the concerned people in both countries, between the ministers of defense and interior, with their counterparts in the United States, and we received promises and facilitations. And we agreed on how to make this relationship continuous in the security field, because both of us need each other and need cooperation, especially in chasing al Qaeda, which we started and was not defeated anywhere except in Iraq. And we hope to cooperate with all those who feel the dangers of this organization — to cooperate with us as well.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Our view is a sovereign Iraq that can protect its borders, protect its airspace, protect its people. And our security cooperation with other countries I think is a model for our security cooperation with Iraq. We don’t want to create big footprints inside of Iraq — and that’s I think demonstrated by what will happen at the end of this month, which is we’re getting our troops out. But we will have a very active relationship, military-to-military, that will hopefully enhance Iraqi capabilities and will assure that we’ve got a strong partner in the region that is going to be effective.

With respect to the embassy, the actual size of our embassy with respect to diplomats is going to be comparable to other countries’ that we think are important around the world. There are still some special security needs inside of Iraq that make the overall number larger. And we understand some questions have been raised inside of Iraq about that.

Look, we’re only a few years removed from an active war inside of Iraq. I think it’s fair to say that there are still some groups, although they are greatly weakened, that might be tempted to target U.S. diplomats, or civilians who are working to improve the performance of the power sector inside of Iraq or are working to help train agricultural specialists inside of Iraq. And as President of the United States, I want to make sure that anybody who is out in Iraq trying to help the Iraqi people is protected.

Now, as this transition proceeds, it may turn out that the security needs for our diplomats and for our civilians gradually reduces itself, partly because Iraq continues to make additional progress. But I think the Iraqi people can understand that, as President of the United States, if I’m putting civilians in the field in order to help the Iraqi people build their economy and improve their productivity, I want to make sure that they come home — because they are not soldiers.

So that makes the numbers larger than they otherwise would be, but the overall mission that they’re carrying out is comparable to the missions that are taking place in other countries that are big, that are important, and that are friends of ours. Okay?

Thank you very much, everybody.

END 1:04 P.M. EST

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RETIRED PENTAGON OFFICIAL – Post By Rosy Dinar Rumor Forum

was honored late last night, 12/10/11 ~~~

My Fellow Dinarians ~~~ Last night I had the honor of being three wayed
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The third party was a retired Pentagon Official,
who was kind enough to speak with me for a little over half an hour. The
following is the majority of what he told me.

I bring this to you out of love and friendship, and those of you who wish to attack,
question orbelittle me, go right ahead. I have nothing to do with what this
Gentleman told me, I am just bringing this information to the forum.
Take from it what you will.

I was told that Maiiki met with O this past Friday and Saturday, and
left late Saturday night for Iraq. He is safe on his own soil for when
we have our POP!!!

It was for security reasons that we were givin all
the Monday dates, as well as others. It is my own opinion that his Holy
days make sense, as they would be unexpected days for him to travel.

Everything that needed to be done between Maliki and O was accomplished.

I was also told that there is a great deal of dinar holders in
California. The biggest of which is a famous director with the initials
of SS.

That all of Hollywood, Movie Stars, Swimmin Pools, possess a
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pressure on Governor Jerry Brown to impose a new millionaire’s tax, post
haste, so as to make it uneccessary for D.C. to hand California a
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He also told me that New York held the largest amount of Dinarians, of all the States.

So, I hope that this light information has entertained you. I cannot
give out names, for obvious reasons, and you can tear apart this
information, or, you can enjoy in the spirit in which it was brought to
you, as I am not claiming any of this to be 100% factual, because I have
no way to verify it.

It all, however, makes sense to me, and it entertained the chatroom,
who suggested I bring it into the forum, so
that it doesn’t turn into a lovely little game of telephone.

This would be wherein I am now starring in a Speilberg movie with Colin Powell, a
quote directly from a chatroom member.

Although this Gentleman had no direct intel on a date, he did feel that
it would definitely be by year’s end, and more specifically, this week,
as most have thought.

Please enjoy ~~~ And ~~~ Don’t shoot the messenger ~~~ Except with
perhaps a dart gun, for a good, but limited rest. I would like to be
awake in time for the party ~~~ Jodi

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If you were President of our United States, what do you think would be the most difficult part of your job?

What is one thing that you as President would – if you could — change or implement right away? What would be the benefit or impact of that change?

What is one problem in our country or the world that you would like to see resolved and your thoughts on how it could happen and the overall positive impact?

If you were the first ruler of a new country, what is the first law that you would write for the nation’s people?

If you could convince all of your friends to share your opinion about one thing, what would it be and what could the possible impact be from that?

If you could get everyone in the world to stop complaining about one particular thing, what would it be and why?

Instead of fighting wars, what do you think would be good , perhaps creative, way for countries to settle their differences with each other?

What is the most exciting thing you’ve learned in the last 12 months?

What are you willing to do to get you to where you want to be 12 months from now?

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‘The night that I told you, those little white lies.’ Egregious Herman Cain, forgotten but not gone.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author’s program note. In 1930 pouty songstress Elsie Carlisle swept America with a very catchy dance number entitled “Little White Lies.” It is a pip of a tune about the polished and painful lies lovers use to get what they want… and then, with deliberate intention, move on to inflict more pain… on whoever may be the object of their affection right then. The tune is beautiful; the underlying truth of its lyrics by Walter Donaldson is anything but… You’ll find it in any search engine; it was recorded by many fine artists (including Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians who made perhaps the first recording). They all loved its sound and lyrics as much as I do, so perfect to accompany this article of prevarications, untruths, deceits and deliberate intention to hoodwink, manipulate and seduce a great nation, beguiled when…

“The moon was all aglow But heaven was in your eyes The night that you told me Those little white lies.”

Unexpected UP, roller-coaster DOWN.

Just a few days ago, a mere handful, Herman Cain looked like the unlikely savior of America, Inc.; the proverbial man on a white horse, galloping with speed, succor, savoir faire, and unmatched style to the rescue of the nation. It was heady stuff for the man and his supporters; a man who, only minutes before, had “also ran” written all over his body, now the GOP’s hero.

Cain was hailed as a man of uncommon sense, a man who believed in the eternal verities of God, country, and family; a man who knew what was what… and would tell it like it is. A man who would run the nation’s business like he ran his private (pizza) business… without fear or favor to anyone, anywhere, anytime; just doing what was necessary when it was called for, civic sense and courage always his, and in abundance. Yes, he offered every possible topping, double pepperoni and, of course, the anchovies we love so.

Oh, yes, it was heady stuff indeed.

And ex-talk meister Cain, delivered his easy-to-believe-in-message as smooth as jello. It was glib, fast-paced, uplifting… with a punch line right out of “God Bless America”, an “attaboy Herman” adulation on their lips and in their hearts. Herman was their boy… Herman could do it… we want Herman, we need Herman…

Herman’s needs.

But Herman had needs, too, needs of the “cherchez la femme” variety. No Leporello chronicled Cain’s deeds of amorous daring…. but, as Cain’s stock — and poll numbers — rose, the media, always poised for mayhem, began to assume the role. And with the usual pure attentions of the Fourth Estate, they dug… sniffed… found the filthy pay dirt they were looking for…. exhumed… dug deeper… found more… it was just what reporters are meant to do…. and they did it with a will.

War & Peace

At one point in Tolstoy’s unmatched novel, Pierre Bezuhoff, as part of his Masonic induction ceremony, is asked the nature of his besetting sin. In the lowest possible voice, eyes firmly fixed on the floor, he responds, “women”. If Mr. Cain hasn’t read this classic… he ought. It is honest, searing, enlightening, discomfiting and oh so apropos.

Herman had other problems, too, other obstacles to overcome. For instance, the pith and substance of foreign policy eluded him from first to last; there were lacunas, too, in the topics that were roiling America — immigration, defense, education, health care. These were salient topics Herman knew almost nothing about; but he was cheerfully blissful in the face of a mountain of ignorance. His idol Ronald Reagan started out equally untutored, and he had ended in the pantheon of the nation. Why shouldn’t he do as well, or even better?

A great secret he never dreamed would derail his express to the Casa Blanca.

Like all of us Cain has a rich history of doing things he’d much rather not appear on Page 1 of the New York Times. And for the vast majority of us, they never will… whew! Our lies, while important to us and the people we have lied to, are (though it pains us to hear so) just too unimportant to interest anyone. And, when we think about them (as we all are sometimes forced to do) we are glad that things are thus.

But life for presidential candidates is very different. If they have a propensity for burping or scratching themselves in unlikely places, they can be sure the august New York Times, given world enough and time, will make public note of these venial sins and inadequacies.

And so it a measure of the distance Herman Cain traveled towards 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that his media coverage grew and grew and grew… as the 24 hour information whirligig wanted data about Cain and went happily on a treasure hunt through the vicissitudes of his life, finding that which Herman never deemed important. It was salacious, smutty, deliciously off color… in the nature of a national dirty joke. And best of all… Cain stonewalled, telling anyone who would listen, that he was maligned, misunderstood, the object of a vendetta… and, anyway, his mother had loved him and he’d always made his bed, so what difference did it make?

He denied he’d diddled the first woman who stepped forward with lurid accusations; he didn’t even know woman 2; woman 3 was a known liar, whilst woman 4 was sadly mistaken. And while it is true he had given hugs, embraces and salubrious cash, why that was just ol’ Herman being as magnanimous as he surely was. America’s admiration for Cain plummeted as revelations grew… until at last woman 5, with her detailed, specific, tawdry and unanswerable affidavit stepped forward and we all knew it was The End, everyone but Herman, the unaccountable victim of the witch hunt that did him in.

He was still Innocent. Still Pure. Still the Nicest Guy in America. And nothing, absolutely nothing, would change his story, despite 5 women having stepped forward, into the glare of piercing, uncomfortable notice and inconvenience, to say otherwise. And we believed the ladies… They were chicks of Herman Cain’s life who had become Chicken Littles all, bringing down his candidacy, his credibility and the good will and sanguine hopes of the nation.

Why had it happened?

This had happened, as so many previous scandals, because candidates think the services they have done and might do for the nation as president, are far more important that whatever they have done before. Perhaps they are right… but they handle it all wrong; and here’s the rub.

ALL of us are imperfect; though some are more imperfect than others. Thus, they all should start their campaigns not by telling ad nauseam how good they will be, but how bad they have been. “Paint me warts and all,” Oliver Cromwell, great Lord Protector of England, famously said. And he ruled, in all his human imperfections, a great nation at a difficult time. But Cain, whether because he was deluded, mendacious, cowardly, lacking in judgement, or any other reason, lied, lied, and lied again, whilst a nation famous for its common sense got more incredulous with every equivocation and sinuous twist and turn.

And when the moment came (and late too) on December 3, 2011 when he should have withdrawn and at last told the truth, he waffled again, lied again, and merely “suspended” his campaign, instead of ending it in a torrent of truth, tears, and ignominy, the fatal cocktail his shocking distortions and deceits he had fermented. And thus he leaves his campaign, for this and any other there will never be, condemned to remembering his moment of glory, abbreviated, exciting, founded on falsehood and deception.

“Who wouldn’t believe those lips Who wouldn’t believe those eyes…

The Devil was in your heart But Heaven was in your eyes The night that you told me Those little white lies.”

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Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Services include home business training, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting, hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 online Home Business Training program by getting a free Associate Membership today. Republished with author’s permission by Daniel Fischer

Keep your mitts off America. Why they’re writing songs of love, but not forMitt Romney.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author’s program note. 2012 ought to be a big Republican year, not least because President Obama is perceived by almost no one as the leader we need. A good man, yes; up to the job… no way. But Obama, with all his baggage, remains, in my humble opinion, the likely winner, unless (and it’s a big “unless”) unemployment goes up. However, most of my commenting colleagues think a very marginal drop is likely — not an increase. I concur. Thus, I’ve selected the song “But not for me” (written by George Gershwin in 1930) to accompany this article. “They’re writing songs of love”… but not for Mitt! Go to any search engine to find this much sung song. I like the Rod Stewart version best… Mitt, of course, won’t like any version at all…. pity. It’s a great number.


With the state of the nation what it is, and what it threatens to remain — dismal — a guy like Mitt Romney ought to be riding the crest of a wave that’ll deliver him in due course to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with whoops of joy and the prayers of a great people.

He’s brighter than bright.

A hard-working, dedicated policy wonk with a graduate student’s dedication and ardor.

So rich that even he doesn’t have a clue how much money he’s got.

A picture-perfect family with smiles to die for.

Yes, Mitt’s got it all… except for judgement, integrity and honesty. And he’s got only himself to blame for this glaring lapse, so big you could drive a coach and four comfortably through it, and which you can see for yourself any day you like.

This is why der Mitt-ster is in trouble and why the hapless big wigs of the GOP want anyone, absolutely anyone, other than Mitt. And I understand why: as a tax- paying citizen of Massachusetts, I know how they feel. Like they want to puke, every time they think of this guy at the head of their next national ticket.

Thus these diligent Solons of the Great Republic have been tripping over themselves to find a candidate, their actions ham-fisted, clumsy, but telling as they have scrounged up and praised such verifiable pygmies as Michelle Bachmann, who is next door to a moron; Rick Perry who wouldn’t know how to spell his own name if a less challenged aide didn’t hold up a cue card to remind him; Herman Cain who has never had trouble wooing les femmes, just profound difficulty remembering where and when… and keeping his wife of decades up to date.

And now, wafted by the incense of New Hampshire’s largest newspaper, the Manchester Union Leader, which never met a kooky idea it didn’t like, is touting Newt Gringrich, a man who would denounce his own mother if it got him a look-see, much less the White House. Ask his many wives, mistresses, chicks and concubines and see for yourself. It’ll all come out in the wash anyway.

It would all be hysterically funny… except that we voters of America, denizens all of the Great Republic, are going to have to live with the results… and that’s a revolting development if anything ever was.

Why are all these people working so hard for Anyone But Mitt?

“Veritas”, Harvard’s motto — and Mitt’s.

Let’s get one thing perfectly straight, everything that Mitt says, whenever he says it is always TRUTH, no matter that it is totally opposite to what he said on the subject five minutes ago. Mitt is to American politics what the Pope speaking ex cathedra infallible is to Rome, a man never wrong, with a license to reshuffle the truth that we lesser folks must adhere to. Mitt went to Harvard (all serious candidates always do)… and so “Veritas” (truth) is his motto. Luckily, he never has to worry finding it. It’s what he utters all day, every day, no matter his subject, implausible, disingenuous or inaccurate. As you can imagine, this considerably simplifies his life and labors… and makes campaign fact-checkers superfluous; around Mitt they are simply unneeded.

Governor Mitt of Massachusetts instituted a progressive health care program which was timely, needed, forward looking, a program that would have made any governor of any state proud. But Candidate Mitt has done everything but deny he was governor at the time to get out of accepting responsibility and credit for what ought to be his acme.

Sometimes he’s pro gay rights; sometimes he’s not.

Sometimes he’ll cut a deal on illegal immigrants; sometimes he won’t.

Only one thing is constant: that whatever he says, to whomever he says it is the God’s honest truth, cross his heart and hope to die.

In the last few days Mitt has gotten himself in at least two middens which would surely trip up and soil any other candidate, lesser folk all.

First the Boston Globe (which takes a proprietary interest in Mitt, having helped elevate him to his current celestial status) reported that in 2006 Governor Mitt’s top aides purchased their computer hard drives just before his administration ended, and the usual Democratic hacks returned to the State House’s corner office. Fully 11 of Mitt’s minions ponied up for their drives, something never considered by previous excellencies, much less done.

Now you and I could guess what was going on, couldn’t we? After all, in the real world we inhabit, people put things, all sorts of things, on their computers they don’t want the world and his brother to see. So we make sure those hard drives belong to us and nobody else. And so le tout Massachusetts came to the instant conclusion that those drives and their owners were up to no good. Purchase was the result… never mind that this was unprecedented… awfully suggestive… and maybe even illegal.

But remember, Mitt is not merely potentate, he is Pope. And so, after waiting days to respond to reporters’ queries on the matter, he released his encyclical, explaining all, disclaiming all. All was right, nothing wrong, why even wonder?

Why wonder, too, about Mitt and company’s next faux pas; the outright lie that was his very first ad against Obama. It shows a clip of the president saying, “If we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.” Never mind that these words were Obama quoting John McCain, the GOP nominee Romney wanted to run with last time round. The ad was not just misleading… it was a blatant distortion…

… which Romney aide Eric Fehrnstrom, the most indiscrete and bumptious campaign counselor ever, confirmed, happy in this deception. “It’s all deliberate,” he exulted. In other words, St. Mitt knew it was a lie; authorized the lie, then told the world he was happy that he lied. Even the most cynical were appalled.

And so the matter rests at this moment, as we await Mitt’s next assault on truth, justice and the American way; his next distortion, deceit, disingenuity. For make no mistake, the next one is on the way, as Mitt plumbs the depths he expects to take him to the top. That’s why you’ll find me at all his campaign rallies selling air sickness bags, three for a buck. I’ll clean up.

### Your response to this article is requested. What do you think? Let us know by posting your comments below.

About the Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Services include home business training, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting, hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 online Home Business Training program by getting a free Associate Membership today. Republished with author’s permission by Daniel Fischer Check out Truth About Abs ->