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Cerebral Palsy

Daniel Fischer

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I have Cerebral Palsy which affects my speech and motor skills. I graduated college. I’ve worked for a retail store for 17 years (plus 5 years at their corporate office) and a movie theatre for about 6 years. Nonething stops me.

I want to help you succeed on-line and make extra money from home on-line. Yes, you can do this to! I know people who make $100 online, make $1000 online and some who make $10000 online. It all comes down to how much time you want to put towards earning money online. There is no limit.

I was told I wouldn’t walk, wouldn’t talk? Guess what? I can. In fact, I can use a stand bycycle and bike 13 miles in just over an hour. Sure all of this takes time. College even took a little longer. Was it worth it? Absoultely. Do not give up! Giving up won’t solve anything. I urge you to join me today!

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