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Not the pope we wanted… Brussels’ Archbishop Andre Leonard clearly indicates why Benedict XVI is in trouble

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

As protests go, it was short and undeniably sweet: a man ran up the central aisle of Brussels’ main cathedral and shoved a cherry pie in the face of Archbishop Andre Leonard, a man seemingly tailor-made by history and Catholicism to roil and divide. Appointed by Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop Leonard’s in-your-face pastry clearly indicated that he was adding to the hapless Benedict’s already at-risk pontificate instead of helping out, as he was supposed to.

And the pope had no one to blame but himself.

Archbishop Leonard is smiling.. but the well- living, comfortable Belgians are not.

It’s easy to see why the archbishop is enjoying himself. At 70, an age when other men contemplate their gardens and the dinner menu, Archbishop Leonard is a man of destiny. Striding through an airport the other day, his grace was dogged by paparazzi and protestors… the cynosure of every eye, the darling of Rome and other intractables. His deeply self-satisfied smile could not be mistaken. He was where he was meant to be defending (in)fallibility, injustice, and the deeply troubled Church of Rome, whose saviour he could imagine becoming.

It was the perfect formula for maximum unhappiness and division… and his grace was nothing if not the man to savor every divisive moment of this unexpected opportunity.

And the pope had no one to blame but himself.

The pope’s policy has been this: remove liberals, like retired Cardinal Godfried Danneels, beloved of the dwindling believers, and replace them with hard-liners, driven by an ardent desire to bring back the good old days of Pius XII and the undoubted majesty of Torquemada and the ardent joys of the long lamented, so satisfying Spanish Inquisition. Ah, yes, those good old, good old days.

The pope laid his hands upon the exultant Leonard, whom he had plucked from well-warranted obscurity in January, 2010 from a picturesque Belgian citadel town. Exultant, indeed, because he thought his rising days were long over.

But the Holy Father needs loyalists to do his bidding, and there is no one more loyal than a washed out party man who is summoned to a higher fate by a leader who desperately needs such troops… and has all the loaves and fishes to reward those who serve — and obey.

The archbishop returned to Brussels and its over 30 years of progressive theological thought and an unceasing attempt to reconcile the Church of Rome with the satisfied, live- and-let-live people of Belgian… and he returned with a determined vengeance. He would root out the heresies of the Belgians with vigor, determination and the joys of complete and total submission by the erring (no longer) faithful.

His grace lost not a minute in announcing his red-blooded views… and his determination that the Belgian faithful must submit today, tomorrow, forever.

Pow! AIDS is a form of “justice” for homosexuals. They deserve what they get.

Pow! Retired pedophile priests must go UNpunished for their transgressions, ending their years of abuse in prayer and protected from further review and action.

Pow! Women who undergo abortion will be greeted in the afterlife by the heart-rending screams of their murdered children “Momma! Momma!”

The archbishop, like so many hard-liners, has a gift for the trenchant, chilling, hell- conjuring phrase… and he uses this gift lavishly.

The hapless Vicar of Rome sent this man of stern views and complete self satisfaction to the Belgians of all people, cosmopolitan, sophisticated, laissez faire, tolerant…. and now appalled by this archbishop’s distinctly unBelgian views.

Two of the 10 bishops of Belgium have publicly challenged Archbishop Leonard’s views; he is their superior in the hierarchy but they have distanced themselves from him notwithstanding.

M. Yves Leterme, Belgium’s prime minister and a Catholic, has been resolute in his condemnation of the archbishop, who no doubt is not surprised by the protests of the easy-living miscreants, for all they may be a prime minister. Let them howl, so long as they submit.

Bert Claerhout, editor of Church and Life, a Catholic weekly, reports he’s been inundated with fierce letters of complaint from readers, awakened from their good living lethargy by a determined man who quite clearly believes everything he says and is equally determined that you believe it, too –or else.

Then there is the matter of the cherry pie which in its simple, gastronomic way made such a tasty impression on a nation which insists upon the proper preparation and delivery of its fine cuisine. For such a people, such a pie, presented and delivered properly was most apropos.

And then this: even Archbishop Leonard’s spokesman resigned, saying he could no longer morally defend his slash-and-burn employer. Ouch. Juergen Mettepenningen called the archbishop a “loose cannon who thinks everybody else is wrong.”

All this the pope brought on himself and must continue to do if he maintains his flawed policies which have only the aging intransigents to draw on to defend them. In short, this is a pontificate in deep, profound trouble which every word from the fiery archbishop and his ilk intensifies. As the Church of Rome removes itself from the people, the people will firmly and irrevocably remove themselves from the Church of Rome.

A sense of doom surrounds the Bishop of Rome and his stewardship of the Vatican. These are the words that come to mind about this beleaguered, increasingly unhappy Holy Father: misguided, flat-footed, slow to understand, slower to address. He is a man whose pontificate was bound to be difficult, following John Paul II for whom the adoring faithful filled St. Peter’s Square shouting “Santo! Subito!” But it didn’t have be this difficult, this unsatisfactory, this unhappy.

However, Benedict XVI selected doctrinal purity over universal inclusiveness; he chose to look backwards… when we all, whether Catholic or not, wanted him to look ahead and plot the way to bring us all demonstrably closer to universal harmony and peace.

The strident partizan Archbishop Leonard is the merest detail, easy to return to the obscurity from whence he came at the pope’s merest motion. But the pope himself? He is the unhappy man… the man who called upon to improve the future, gave us nothing more than patches on the past. And he did it to himself.

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Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed visitors to the website of your choice! Dr. Jeffrey Lant is a well known marketer, speaker, consultant, and author of 18 best-selling books. Republished with author’s permission by Daniel Fischer

Your lousy communication skills are hurting yourself and others. Here’s what you need to do at once.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

It’s time to call a spade a spade. We are members of the most communications savvy and personally wired generation ever. Even the tiniest mite has her cell phone with camera. Yet the truth is, the explosion of communications tools has produced less real communication than ever; you and your poor communications skills are one of the culprits. Listen up! After all, it’s time your communication skills improved to the level of your communications tools.

The quality of communications is not strained…

You, being an educated soul, are no doubt familiar with Portia’s famous speech:

The quality of mercy is not strain’d, It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest: It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

(The Merchant of Venice. Act 4, scene 1.)

Bold and even impious, I now advise you (while great Shakespeare rolls in his grave) to change the word “mercy” to “communications,” thus:

The quality of communications is not strain’d… it is twice blessed…”

And so it is. Good communications are good for the recipient and for the sender too.

You know this… but you do not act accordingly. Which is why this (shall we say) motivating article is so necessary and why you should take every single word to heart and make radical adjustments in your lamentable behavior.

Poor communicators (with the probability strong that you are one of them) exhibit these traits:

Arrogance. The human animal is a selfish animal, conceived in selfishness and nurtured in the belief that the Great Me, the universe-centered I Am is the most important animal anywhere at any time. As a result, this animal well and truly believes that she is so important that others must feel grateful, even when the communication is not returned. Oh, my!

People (like you?) who do not communicate effectively are people who are telling others, clear as crystal, that they are superior to you; that their time is more valuable than yours… and that these lesser folk need wait (and happily so) and wait and wait some more until you condescend to respond.

Such people by their behavior and non responsiveness clearly indicate that you and your concerns are, by definition, of infinitely less consideration than theirs. And that you’d best be glad for the little you get, for it is infinitely more than you deserve.

Poor communicators are slothful.

Good communicators, effective communicators realize that the business of communicating is like a tennis match. The ball must always be in motion between the communicator and those he wishes to communicate with. When the ball stops moving, the communication stops with it. The person who has stopped the communicating process is , by definition, the lazy, inhibiting one.

All too often the communication stops and is not extended because of unadulterated sloth. It takes work to communicate… it takes work to conceive a message and deliver that message. It takes work to be prepared and move matters to their next stage. However the slothful communicator can and does think of a myriad of “reasons” why he can obliterate the communications process without remorse. Thus he goes blithely on with his affairs while others, fuming, apply language which is ever more blue as time passes and their legitimate reasons for communicating go without any response whatsoever. Oh, my!

A special cycle of hell

For the intractable, for the miscreants arrogant and slothful who will not change, an idea: for them: a special cycle of hell wherein they are asked such questions as “are you hungry?” or “are you feeling hot and uncomfortable?” These hungry and uncomfortable miscreants answer and answer and answer. But response comes there none, ever. Delicious.

Help for the socially challenged and shy johns and janes everywhere.

Yet is the world of the non communicators made up solely and exclusively of the arrogant and slothful? Certainly not. It is also, and in significant numbers, the preserve of the shy, the timid, the socially malaprop, and untutored.

For them a single word: study.

There is one thing and only one thing which sets us apart and elevated from animals of every kind and place… and that one thing is communicating. So, if you truly wish to learn, improve and foster rather than retard communications, here is what you must learn and do.

1) Learn empathy, that crucial ability to enter into the minds and hearts of the people you are to communicate with. What is it they are expecting from you? Deliver that, to the furthest extent possible, and you have the essential element of success.

2) Be prompt about responding. In an age of instant communications, there can be absolutely no reason for delayed or no response at all except your own failure to provide it. The means are at hand; use them “as quick as boiled asparagus.” And that’s very fast!

3) Be clear on where you can be reached. Assume the person you are communicating with does not have this vital intelligence. State it clearly, thoroughly… and reiterate to avoid any confusion whatsoever.

4) Be willing to try again if the person you are trying to reach (even if that person initiated the communication) fails to respond. Remember, empathy is the basis for successful communications.

5) Above all else, never stop improving your knowledge of communication and its techniques. In this golden age of communications, the overwhelming majority of loaves and fishes will go to the communicating elite… those who make it a point to master communications and steadily enhance their knowledge and expertise. Make that person you!

Give this article to the communicating challenged. They need it so.

Your last task for today is to give a copy of this article to every substandard and inadequate communicator you can. The task at hand, training communicators and enhancing their skills, is a lifetime affair. Start it now. There is so very much to do and so many who need the help.

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Thoughts on the Royal Wedding of Prince William and his beautiful commoner Kate Middleton

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

After 8 years of dating, canoodling, breaking up, making up, breaking up the on-again-off-again relationship of Prince William of Wales and long tressed Kate is officially on.

The airwaves of the planet dutiful report the expected congratulations. Her Majesty and Prince Philip are “absolutely delighted for them both”. Prince Charles is “thrilled”. And no doubt they are, for it’s time for the next generation of royals to get on with their important work. There is much to do.

Amongst the royals monarchy is referred to as “the firm”; they say they “live above the shop.” Exactly so. It’s time for the next proprietor and his spouse to start doing what they’re supposed to do:

bring Britain together.

help the tribe of those battening on the monarchy sell their trinkets and reap their profits.

provide us promptly with an equally photogenic man child … and then promptly, another. “The heir… and the spare.”

And above all else do what’s necessary for an endless stream of gossip, titillation and, best of all, scandal.

Yes, this handsome couple has much to do… and has already begun to do it.

Hidden Winners and Losers

The game of monarchy is a game of musical chairs, or more accurately, chair. For there is just one chair, the throne of England; one’s place in the pecking order is determined by one’s relationship to this throne.

As all perspicacious royal watchers have known for years, the fate of a thousand year old institution was planted squarely at the feet of just one person, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales. He was, almost from the moment of conception, the white hope of a family which had lost its glamour, its allure… and it’s way.

Father Prince Charles… a not so gay divorcee with the tendency for odd, awkward remarks and organic vegetables. His cynical marriage to a woman he didn’t love whilst carrying on with the woman he did set the stage for the long, painful , glaringly public fall from grace.

Uncle Prince Andrew of York, a once beguiling, handsome tease of a younger brother who married a trollop and lived to pay the price, now disillusioned and fat to boot.

Aunt Princess Ann, Princess Royal who chose the handsomest man on the block to marry… only to discover, in the divorce courts, that a marriage needs more than a shared interest in making quadrupeds jump a fence.

This supremely privileged crew despite every advantage managed to accrue between them not one notable achievement, although they have (it’s true) kept the scurrilous tabloids of England over busy with talk of their high and (abysmally) low jinks.

These shop worn royals, their sometime lovers and spouses, have all had their day. Now they will all be regally pushed off the stage by the handsomest couple on earth. That is Job 1, and that couple is at it now.

Managing the Ghost

In the best tradition of royal tales, there is a ghost at this feast, an insistent ghost, the groom’s turbulent mother, Princess Diana. Now her unsettled spirit can be well and truly laid to rest, with love and honor, her sons will see to it.

Diana alive was a nightmare for the Windsors. What would she do? What inappropriate man would gain her heart… then sell it to the tabloids in the shabbiest most cynical way? They cringed daily wondering when the other slipper would drop for this out-of-control Cinderella.

Her death, of course, too soon, was tragic. But it was also a huge relief. Now they can safety lay this ghost to honored rest. This healing process began when Wills gave and Kate displayed Diana’s engagement ring on her finger.

Royal hustlers

What do royals do? They put a regal face on the real business of Britain: selling. Britain grants these folks an anachronistic lifestyle of unparalleled munificence; the catch is they must earn it by hustling things British. In Kate, they have found the perfect corporate wife. She is stunningly attractive, bright, educated, savvy, and (above all else) agreeable to being shaped into the winning marketer the dynasty requires. The cost for maintaining her in the style to which she’ll soon be accustomed is frankly a pittance compared to the tangible financial benefits to be reaped.

Her marriage alone will pump an extra billion or two into the fragile British economy. Well might the Cabinet shout “hear, hear” upon learning the news. The combination of Wills and Kate is a fantastic money machine that no mere president can ever rival.

Intrusive questions we will soon have answered

So far the questions the newly affianced royal couple have been asked have been polite, cordial, asking for little, eliciting less. But all this is about to change. Both Wills and Kate have a price on their heads, and this price (with the showing of the haunted engagement ring) has escalated radically.

This is now the situation. This regal couple have friends, pals, classmates, acquaintances, servants and retainers, any one of whom might know the answers to questions the world is impatient to know:

when how how often where in what way.

These folks are only human. They have bills. They need money. And so, soon, the betrayals will begin, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, fueled by his persistent dynastic hatred and disdain, will see to that.

These people even now, Judas-like, are mulling over their options: should they betray and prosper? Or let the opportunity of a lifetime pass them by. It’s drama in the grand tradition. And it is sure to come.

Thus, with the brilliant ring given, the opening phase of this deeply fascinating story begins. We shall not have to wait very long for the next chapter to develop, even so we are acutely impatient to have it.

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Dr. Lant is the author of 18 books and the book, ‘Insubstantial Pageant: Ceremony and Confusion at Queen Victoria’s Court’ was the result of being the first American to gain access to the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle. Republished with author’s permission by Daniel Fischer Check out Traffic Blog Empire ->

What your local school is NOT teaching your children that you must to ensure their lifetime success.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Have you considered lately just what your local school is — or more importantly — is not teaching your children? Probably not. Like most parents, you take the matter on faith; hoping they’re teaching what your children most need to get ahead.

Unfortunately, in at least 4 key areas, your children are learning little or nothing of what they absolutely must know to get ahead and lead profitable, productive lives.

#1 Local schools don’t teach necessary interview and job skills, leaving your children vulnerable particularly in tight job markets.

Here are just some of the items on which the school is letting you down:

* how to write a resume and cover letter * how to look for and find available jobs * how to follow up with prospective employers * how to dress for the interview * how to handle themselves during interviews.

Obviously obtaining employment is crucial. Sadly, your school is letting you down.

#2 Your school is not delivering detailed information on financial affairs.

Mastery of basic information about money, debt, investments, etc is crucial. However, here’s what your school isn’t teaching:

* how to open a bank account * how to use checks, including how to balance a check book * what a home mortgage is and how to get and keep one * how to do a home budget * understanding and benefiting from pensions * understanding mutual funds and other financial investments * how to complete a tax form.

We live in a “capitalist” culture, but the overwhelming majority of our citizens are clueless about how to benefit from it, because our schools teach nothing about it.

#3 How to be a good citizen. Your school isn’t telling, leaving this to “catch as catch can” with disastrous results.

Election after election takes place with 40%, or more, of citizens failing to vote. No wonder. Here’s just some of what our schools don’t teach:

* what is a citizen? What are his/her rights and responsibilities * what is the Constitution? What is the Bill of Rights? * how to register to vote * how to read a ballot * how to understand referenda and other citizen initiatives * how to vote.

We decry low voter turn-out and participation yet fail to teach what is necessary for a healthy democracy.

#4 Basic human relations skills

Have you looked at your children lately? Have you actually listened to them?

EVERY civilization prior to ours was painstaking in teaching young people successfully how to interact with other people. They realized that such skills were absolutely crucial for a successful marriage and life generally. Instead of this sensible system, we let matters take their course with predictable results. Here’s just some of what our schools don’t teach:

* how to greet strangers and make them feel comfortable * how to look people in the eyes * how to handle a basic conversation * the meaning of courtesy and how to deliver it * how to express appreciation * how to reciprocate.

Get the picture? Without your school’s interest or support, your children are left at sea with no assistance or insight whatsoever about necessary questions of human relations. Boorish and self-defeating behaviors are therefore inevitable.

Since The Schools Are Unable or Unwilling To Assist, These Things Are YOUR Responsibility

It is clear that leaving matters to your school is a bad mistake. Public educators are unable or unwilling to teach these matters. Thus, if you want the best for your children YOU must become their recognized, organized “life skills” teacher.

Don’t treat this matter casually or lightly. It is far too important for that.

* Think what your children must know but are not getting in school. * Schedule regular meeting with your children. * Be clear on what you want them to know. * Encourage active participation and discussion. * Invite their friends to participate.

It is not the fault of the children that they are being short- changed in schools. Don’t compound the problem by short-changing them at home. Start today. You’ll be glad you did, and your children will reward you by maturing into better people, with suitable appreciation for all you did!

P.S. If your school district teaches at least some of these things, be glad…. then ask them to implement the rest!

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Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed visitors to the website of your choice. Republished with author’s permission by Daniel Fischer Check out Commission Commando ->

An Appreciation of Dr. Robert Butler, Advocate for the Aging

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Do you intend to live to a ripe old age? To enjoy “the last of life for which the first was made,” as Robert Browning wrote?

If so, you need to pause a moment and tip your hat to Dr. Robert Butler, who passed July 3, 2010 in New York City. He was 83 years old., full of honors and of years.

I knew Dr. Butler professionally and worked with him as a consultant to The National Caucus and Center on Black Aged. He was a much respected and even revered member of the Board of Directors. His fellow directors realized that they, along with so many other elder services, might not even exist without his pioneering work on aging.

Dr. Butler And The Invisible Aged

Until Dr. Butler and his ground breaking work, it is hardly too much to say that the aged, while everywhere among us, were not seen and were but rarely considered.

In a very real way, therefore, Dr. Butler discovered the aged and turned the spotlight on their deplorable situation. His 1976 book “Why Survive: Growing Old in America” won the Pulitzer Prize for its unflinching look at the how the elderly were systematically ignored, mistreated, forgotten, treated with contempt, neglect, and just plain cruelty.

This book made a great nation squirm with embarrassment and ensured that the aged would never be forgotten again, a finding which brought hope as well as some beneficial change to millions. It was but one in a lifetime of accomplishments.

To read Dr. Butler’s accolades is to understand how one informed, persistent person can alter the course of human events and assist the process of amelioration and systematic improvement for millions, including every one now alive and aging.

Item: Dr. Butler was a founding director of the National Institute on Aging, one of the National Institutes of Health.

Item: In 1968, Dr. Butler coined the term “ageism”, or age discrimination and lead a pioneering task force on the impact of age prejudice.

Item: Dr. Butler was instrumental in research that established that senility was not inevitable with aging, but rather a consequence of disease.

Item: In 2006 Dr. Butler lead another study that addressed age discrimination in the workplace, elder abuse, and the media’s role in perpetuating and even condoning such abuse.

Item: at the time of his death, from leukemia, he was leading a committee on aging for the World Economic Forum.

Dr. Butler Understood The Power of Institutions

Unlike certain prophets unable to work within the system, Dr. Butler, a trained gerontologist and psychiatrist, understood the necessity to create institutions. He

* was founding chairman of the nation’s first department of geriatrics, at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine

* was founding president of the International Longevity Center-USA in New York City, a research, policy, and education center dedicated to the field of longevity and ageism.

to name but two. He understood that permanent change required permanent institutions to foster and deliver that change.

What We Need To Recall About Dr. Robert Butler

* He saw what others either would not or could not see. Hard though it may be to believe, when he started his work the aged were largely invisible; their deterioration thought to be inevitable and assistance limited and powerless to present wide spread abuse. We thank him for seeing.

* He knew that public outrage could fuel widespread action. And so he piled fact on fact until had what was necessary to call up the outrage of a hitherto uninformed America. He knew we had the resources, once we had the facts and the desire to change the deplorable situation. We thank him for summoning the moral power of outrage and the best within us.

* He had the grit and determination to stay on course, continuing his research and institution-building skills. He, as Robert Frost wrote, knew he had “miles to go and promises to keep.” We thank him for continuing, long after others, secure in their fame, would have stopped, literally up to the day he died.

I recall Dr. Butler as quiet, courteous, informed of course, always informed, but never pushy or arrogant, truly a gentle man. And ALWAYS fierce in his advocacy for the aging.

As you become one of them, you, like me, should be grateful for what he did to make your senior years as comfortable and productive as possible.

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc.,

where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed visitors to the website of your choice. Republished with author’s permission by Daniel Fischer Check out Social Metrics Pro ->

What you can learn from the great Napoleon’s catastrophic failure to plan his work and work his plan!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

When you think of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French, you probably think of

* military genius

* conqueror of Europe

* creator of the Code Napoleon.

All this is true.

But what is also true is that Napoleon was a gambler, not a planner; a man who lost an empire because he was unwilling to set a practical, achievable objective and do what was necessary to get and hold it.


By the spring of 1813, the Napoleonic empire, so very new, was already on its last legs. Napoleon should have been planning how to keep what he had which, after all, included la belle France. His chaotic finances, military weaknesses, and the national desire for peace provided reason enough to consolidate his possessions and plan for another day.

The whole of Europe, including the Allies who opposed him (Russia, Prussia, Austria, England) wanted peace, and they were willing to accept Napoleon’s continuance in power (with certain conditions) to get it.

However, Napoleon was a gambler, not a planner. He was simply unable to set a realistic goal and work towards it, even if he could as a result, have his dynasty endure in France.

Oh, how he needed to listen and adhere to the sage counsel the Shakespearian Duke of Burgundy gave to King Henry V:

“Why that the naked, poor, and mangled Peace, Dear nurse of arts, plenties, and joyful births, Should not in this best garden of the world, Our fertile France, put up her lovely visage?”

But Napoleon would have none of it. When his military talents procured a victory (as they did in May, 1813 at Lutzen) he insisted on more. When these talents failed him (as they did at Leipzig in October, 1813) he would not accept less. This was not statecraft… it was mayhem.

The whole of Europe except one man yearned for peace… but this one supremely selfish, disorganized and myopic individual… insisted on war, exasperating all, while ensuring ultimate failure for himself.

Had he, in the turbulent days of 1813, planned for the continuance and stability of his dynasty, he could have had it to the general joy and jubilation of Continental Europe. He simply needed to say “J’y suis. J’y reste”, as Field Marshal MacMahon did at the siege of Sebastopol in 1855; then set about making it happen.

Are YOU a business gambler? Or do you plan your work and work your plan?

You KNOW the value of business planning. You know the planners get more and keep more. However, like most people planning is something you just can’t seem to get around to doing. Instead, like Napoleon, you proceed without a clear objective and relentless focus. In short, you muddle through.

This was catastrophic for Napoleon… and it’s not smart for you either, especially in an economy as weak and uncertain as we have now.

So, today resolve that you will do something the great Napoleon couldn’t do: plan your work, work your plan, and emerge as more successful than the emperor himself. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Set a clear objective.

You need to know where you’re going and when you plan to be there. If you don’t know where you’re going and when you plan to arrive, just how do you expect to succeed? A clear objective is a must.

2) Write this objective. Don’t just keep it in your head.

Written objectives are the ones that get achieved; the rest are forgotten. I bet you don’t have such a written plan now. Change that at once!

3) Write down precisely how you intend to reach this goal.

Again, specificity is key. You must say how many units you plan to sell… and keep to this specific schedule each and every day you wish to reach your goal!

Note: if you miss a day or two, don’t give up and throw the baby out with the bath water. Humans fail… but we can get focused again and succeed.

4) Make sensible revisions in your planning and execution.

Business conditions change. You must change with them. For instance, when circumstances are bad, you must improve your offers to improve your cash flow. When circumstances have improved, you should consider price increases. The key is realizing that changing circumstances necessitate changes in your goal and the way to achieve it.

YOU can be more successful than the Emperor himself

Napoleon failed. The man with the golden touch was lacking the one thing he needed for success and was so obviously lacking: judgement. He who had dazzled Europe… did not know how to contain his hubris and turn it into sensible, achievable policy. Thus, he lost all.

Learn from the great man’s titanic error.

Plan your work. Work your plan. Evaluate. Maintain what you have… always move ahead… but never gamble. In this way you ensure your success. What’s more, because of your planning and focus, YOU will enjoy the success the great emperor himself forfeited.

Napoleonic resource

For one of the best books (and the best written) on Napoleon and his family, consult “The Bonapartes” by David Stacton. Simon and Schuster, New York. 1966. It’s a very good read.

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc.,where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed visitors to the website of your choice. Dr. Lant is the author of 18 best-selling business books. Republished with author’s permission by Daniel Fischer Check out Painless Traffic ->

Too busy? Need extra time? Then it’s time for your ‘NEVER DO’ list!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

We all know the importance of “to do” lists, that is lists where you write down what you need to do and when you need to do it. You DO have such lists, don’t you? They are essential for maximum efficiency and focus.

Well, this is a recommendation to start drawing up and living by items on your “never do” list, a list that becomes absolutely necessary as you see your opportunities and tasks expanding exponentially and your time remaining inflexible and limited.

Time is infuriatingly limited

Face it. Since you were born, no one has been able to figure out how to get more than 24 hours in a day. Generations of trained, often brilliant, scientists have come and gone… yet we have the same amount of time as the Caesars with no change in sight. Bummer.

Thus instead of wishing we had more time, the challenge becomes making better use of the time we have. Inspired allocation of time becomes the goal… and this includes the all-important “never do” list.

The residual pull of “do it yourself”.

If your upbringing was anything like mine, you were constantly admonished: “if you want it done right, do it yourself.”

Without detracting from the wisdom of this remark, I must tell you this in all seriousness: quite simply you cannot do it all yourself… and to achieve increasing success you must make the determination and live by it… that that which can be done by others, must be done by others; this is the only way you can perfect your ability to make money and mastermind the growth and expansion of your empire.

Start today. What task(s) can you stop doing at once?

Review what you did yesterday, everything you did. Write it down. It is time to see where you currently invest your time… and to stop doing at least 1 of the items currently being done by you. Now, when I say write down EVERYTHING you did….I do mean EVERYTHING. The goal is freeing up time… which means a total review of what you now do for yourself.

Looking at what you do

This list will include items like these

* household tasks like laundry, food shopping and preparation, taking care of pets

* time you spend with children and elderly parents

* running errands (list every one you must do)

* driving and upkeep of your vehicles.

Be thorough, be exhaustive, be honest!

Selecting the first item to be done by others

Remember, the amount of time is rigidly fixed. What you personally do… and what you delegate to others to do is not. Now is the time to start this crucial delegation.

Household help

Busy people, important people, people with lots of things to do… and the desire to advance… almost all have household help and so must you.

Hire your help (recommendations from friends help). Then train them to meet your exacting standards and to create the lifestyle of ease and efficiency that you require as a necessary condition for your own success.

Now, I’m not saying it’s not possible to live without household help. What I am saying is that if you want the maximum amount of free time that you can devote to getting on and getting richer, then you MUST have household help. That help is a crucial factor in your success.

Training such people in what you require is essential. You’ll need a “to do” list for them, and you’ll need to monitor carefully what they do and how they do it. Allowing them to get on with the job of helping and serving you will yield a huge dividend in time and a general feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

A driver

If you’re like most people you spend a spectacular amount of time in and around your vehicles. This is time better spent in advancing your economic well- being and comfort. In short, you require a driver.

Drivers can be used for a myriad of purposes, from running errands to making an evening out comfortable and efficient. If you’ve never had such help before, you can hardly imagine how liberating it is to acquire and use it… and how promptly you become accustomed to its many advantages. And the cherry on the cake, of course, is that it frees up a huge volume of time, time you can better use for other purposes.

A word of recognition

My own driver is Aime Joseph, a man of efficiency and concern, who with his charming wife Mercedes, take care of me and mine. Indeed, so popular is Mr. Joseph, that when my relatives visit they always ask whether he will be picking them up at the air port. An affirmative answer cheers them immensely. I am glad to attest to his virtues… and to the essential services he delivers, services which have given me both leisure and the time required for enhanced business profits and a better, more serene existence.

A word of advice: slow and steady wins the race

The first problem to overcome will be accepting the need for help to free up time. Then there is the matter of cost. You’ll say that you don’t have the money to delegate life’s essential tasks to others. That’s rubbish. You simply need to be sure that you can generate the necessary money from your business and that this money is greater than the cost of the assistance you are acquiring. If it is, no problem.

But don’t go mad… before you add additional help to your expense ledger, always make sure you can generate the income to pay for it. Once you are sure, proceed. This means moving ahead with all due deliberation. Help is great, help is essential, help gives you the better life… but you must be able to pay for it.

Now begin. You are about to stop doing one essential task after another, tasks you may have done for a lifetime but which you cannot afford to do yourself any more. Why? Because you truly know and intend to live by the fundamental truth that is Benjamin Franklin’s famous line: “time is money.” Indeed it is… and now, with all your new and vital help, you are about to liberate a great deal of that time and reap the very substantial benefits that come when you do!

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Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed visitors to the website of your choice! Dr. Lant is the author of 18 best-selling books. Republished with author’s permission by Daniel Fischer Check out Info Cash ->

Seven things you must NEVER say to yourself if you want MAXIMUM business and personal success

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

You’ve heard it and said it since you were a kid: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” That’s definitely true if you are the recipient of the words… but absolutely wrong if you are the sender. You see, language completely defines who you are, what you will do, and the level of success you can achieve. If “you are what you eat,” it is also absolutely true “You are what you say.”

That’s why I’ve identified 7 key phrases that are holding you back, 7 phrases which you must IMMEDIATELY eradicate from your speech as they threaten your success!

1) “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Want success? Then understand that “tomorrow” is the enemy of “today.” How many people do you know who have a “manana” mentality, always willing to put off until tomorrow that which could so easily be done today.

People who succeed in life are people who do today what can be done today, never allowing themselves the luxury of postponement. These words, then, must be the first to expunge … and never allow your brain to think. “Carpe diem” must forever be your guide.

2) “I’ll make do.”

Now hear this: successful people never “make do.” Making do is for people who have convinced themselves that they will be happy with less. This, of course, is the direct opposite of what truly successful people think, say, and do.

To the successful, “making do” means imposing restrictions on who you are and what you could achieve if you made achievement, rather than its opposite, your objective. No great thing, no worthy thing, no meaningful or awesome thing has ever emerged when the person in charge said these words. So banish them at once from your vocabulary; if you keep them you will surely get the less you say satisfies and nothing more. Is that what you want?

3) “I’m a survivor.”

Initially this may seem positive, but upon further thought you will come to see how invidious this phrase really is. No successful person is merely a survivor; such people do not merely continue to exist (which is what survival means). Instead, they ascend beyond mere existence to the superior state of flourishing.

Thus, instead of touting the mere ability to get by, give yourself a better objective by saying: “I am not merely a survivor. Instead I flourish.” (Note: Floreat Etona is the motto of England’s most prestigious and influential school, the school that has provided generations of leaders. Let the slogan work its magic for you, too.)

4) “I’m fixing to do it.”

Take a close look at these words.

They do not say “I am doing it.”

They say “I’m thinking about getting around to doing it.”

Now, it should be obvious that truly successful people don’t brag about how they are “about” to do something. No, indeed. These people, the people we want to be like and emulate, are people who are masters of “do”. And you must be, too. Drop “fixin” from your vocabulary forthwith.

5) “Working on it.”

Here’s another deceptive phrase which makes non English speakers scratch their heads in bafflement. The phrase, you see, seems to mean one thing, but actually means quite another.

“Working on it” means the complete reverse. It does not mean that a thing is being attended to, completion in sight. It means, instead, that the thing in question is not being attended to, has not been started, and that no completion date can be seen because none has been set. Oh, my!

“Working on it” is a phrase beloved of procrastinators, the slothful and slow-walkers worldwide because it gives them cover for the work they are assuredly are not doing and the success they will not achieve because of it.

6) “It’s good enough for me.”

This potent phrase has destroyed success for millions worldwide, generation after generation. Success means constant application, work, a vivid striving after success and the thrill that comes from having achieved it.

By contrast, the minute you utter the word “enough” you have signalled an end to absolutely everything necessary to achieve success, including success itself.

“It’s good enough” could hardly be worse for your aspirations, strangling success in its cradle and leaving you with crumbs. “There is nothing quite so bad,” wrote the insightful Oscar Wilde, “as that which is good enough.” This is why you must banish this corrosive phrase at once. Only the good can be good enough for you!

*7) “I could never do that.”

Are you one of the legions of people who use these killer words? Be advised: success cannot flourish in this inhospitable terrain.

People who demand success empower themselves by creating an environment where the goal of success is never undercut by the words they use and the thoughts they think. For such people, the keynote is positive potential, not instantaneous death by your own hand.

You see, if you say you cannot do the thing in question, then most assuredly you will not achieve that thing. As Henry Ford, master of the practical, the richest man of his time, rightly said: “You think you can. You think you can’t. Either way you’re right.”

Last Words

Success at the best of times is generally difficult to achieve. Why, then, make it even more difficult by sabotaging yourself, diminishing success by empowering failure? Your thoughts, your words are your realities. Negative words, restricting words, words that sabotage rather than improve and inspire must be rooted out and destroyed.

YOU must create for yourself an environment where the total focus, including every word you utter, facilitates achievement and does not handicap it. Start by eradicating these 7 invidious phrases, replacing them with those that enrich, improve… and never impede. At once, your trek to success becomes decidedly easier. Yes, you are on your way!

This astonishing phrase is dynamite, a sure-fire indicator that the person who thinks and utters it will have the most meager portion of success. In short, it undermines, sabotages and otherwise strangles the very possibility of success.

What stimulates success is the keen desire to be better, to have better, to live better.

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc.,
where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed visitors to the website of your choice. Dr. Lant is the author of 18 best-selling books. Republished with author’s permission by Daniel Fischer Check out Info Cash ->

How to stay focused and make money on days you DON’T feel like it!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Did you lay in bed this morning unwilling, unable to get up? Did every fibre of your body demand more time in the sack? Was it a struggle to open an eye… and get up?

Sure enough, if today wasn’t like this, some of your many tomorrows will be. You need to be prepared for such inevitabilities… because they can and will occur and can and will sabotage your ability to make money. Here are some suggestions that’ll help you rise and shine… suggestions I use myself when getting up and getting going are most decidedly NOT my first priority!

1) Create a “to do” list before you go to bed.

The key to making tomorrow organized, efficient, and profitable is what you do today. Make it a rule before you retire for the night to draw up a clear, clean, specific “to do” list. Write it, read it over, put it next to the bed… then turn off the lights.

While you’re sleeping your subconscious mind will be busily at work helping you organize and implement the items on your list. Even when your body is screaming for more sleep and all the creature comforts it can get, the brain — and your crucial “to do” list — will be helping you get up and at ’em.

2) Take a cold shower.

The British empire, the largest the world has ever known, was practically built on a cascade of frigid water. Its young men, pillars of the imperium, were shipped off to prep schools and immediately subjected to the jarring temperatures which will work for you as well as it worked for them. Don’t stand there and debate…. turn up the cold tap and plunge! You’re about to be invigorated, rejuvenated, primed to run your empire.

3) Do some exercise.

Are you huddling in a corner of your kitchen, hands gripping a cup of joe, comfy in your bunny slippers? Whoa! This isn’t helping getting your act together. You need some brisk, bracing exercise… the kind guaranteed to send vital oxygen to that all- important brain.

Put the steaming liquid down and kick up your heels… or quick-step around your back yard or up and down your street. With every step your brain will exult. The key isn’t coffee… it’s oxygen. Move bristly and infuse it where it must go for maximum good.

4) Give yourself an easy, immediate success.

Don’t feel like doing anything? Then give yourself an easy, immediate success. This should, of course, have been indicated on your “to do” list. Before you go to bed be sure to post on your list an easy thing, a thing that will start today’s sequence of successes. Once begun, as we say in New England, is half done.

What could this “easy” thing be?

It could be calling a long-time customer to get a nice re-order or following up with a new customer to whom you’ve already sent a proposal and quote.

One success engenders another. Even a small success is sufficient. Start successful, remain successful. It all begins when you least feel like it.

5) Put on your head phones and engage with some stirring music.

Still need help getting into gear? Go to the play list on your computer and choose something rousing. What? You don’t have such a play list? Start it today. I can assure you, you are going to need it. Here are some of my sure-fire upbeat selections, guaranteed to get you going:

Wake up Little Suzie by the Everly Brothers (most appropriate, don’t you think?)

Think by Aretha Franklin.

Natalie Cole’s version of Pink Cadillac, and

J.P. Rameau’s always motivating Tambourins I-II from Dardanus.

Your list may well be different from mine; the important thing is to have a list you can access at once. Turn up the sound… and move your body. Your uplifting selections are moving you towards another successful day.

6) Visualize what you’ll get when you turn this day into a success.

All too often we work without conceptualizing why. We work today because we worked yesterday. This is not nearly good enough.

Remind yourself just why you’re working and what special thing today’s successes will help create.

In my case, for instance, I have a pile of auction catalogs stacked high next to my computer. I motivate myself on days when such motivation is needed by looking at the things I want from auctions coming up quickly. Getting myself focused and together is a precondition for maximum acquisition. Visualize success; then do what’s necessary to achieve it.

7) Still not alert and moving? Then take the day off formally and properly.

Like most people these days, you are working more and longer than either your parents or grand parents. We are the most leisure-challenged generation ever.

The plain fact is, you may be unable to get up and resolutely face the day because you’re just worn out. If so, take the day off… sleep in, sleep properly, sleep, relax and goof off without guilt. You’ll be the better tomorrow if you take what is necessary and do not regard it as an indulgence but physical need. Enjoy!

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed visitors to the website of your choice. Dr. Lant is also the author of 18 best-selling business books. Republished with author’s permission by Daniel Fischer

Massive Passive Income: What is Autoblogging All About?

Autoblogging is simply a methodology for automating blog content. Traditionally, when you set up a blog you then either create the content by hand yourself, or you hire a freelancer to create the content for you. Either way it is both time consuming or expensive. But with autoblogging and the Massive Passive Profits system, you simply set up the blog once, set up the automated content stream and the blog updates itself on auto-pilot generating passive income for you while you focus on doing other things.

But isn’t autoblogging a ‘black hat’ technique that will get your site banned? I can hear you asking that question and I will tell you that if you set up your blogs properly following a proven method such as Massive Passive Profits your sites will not get banned and you will finally start generating some real passive income from blogging.

What is Massive Passive Profits? It’s a mass deploy autoblogging format that automates the creation of WordPress multiuser sites and content. No longer do you have to sweat about your sites getting banned, and WordPress multi-user platform saves time and effort of logging in and out of and maintaining multiple blogs. With this elegant solution, autoblogging becomes a complete no-brainer and you are free to point and click to create and launch new blogs on the fly and watch you bank account grow as you add new blogs.

With autoblogging your blogs will generate income in much the same way as a traditional, hand written blog, but because they are so quick to set up, and effortless to maintain you can focus on generating a large quantity of blogs and on generating traffic to those blogs.

You would begin by doing your keyword research to find profitable niches, install WordPress, add then follow along with Massive Passive Profits to set up your niche blogging empire.

Now bear in mind that these are not going to be pretty, award-winning blogs that you’ll be inviting your family members to visit. What you will be doing, is gathering up and providing useful content around your chosen topic to your blog visitors that are searching for information on your topic. You?ll choose ads and CPA offers that will appeal to those visitors and eventually these blogs will start generating cash for you automatically.

Setting up an autoblogging empire does not take a lot of time or effort, and once everything is set up and humming along you can move on to other projects while your little blog farm continues to produce month in and month out.

So, if you are willing to invest just a little bit of time to set up the Massive Passive Profits system you will soon see lifestyle-altering income streams flowing in from you ever growing autoblogging empire.

Ready to get the details about Massive Passive Profits? Check out our ready set go link below to get all of the details and sign up before the doors close and you lose out on a sweet opportunity to generate passive income from niche blogs that you can set up in a flash.
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